Green. I wake up in the Resistance infirmary that is located in UFGB. As soon as my brown eyes open I am met with friendly and mischievous  green ones.

     “Hi Harry,” I say with a big smile.

     “Good morning love.” He says as he kisses my forehead. I slowly reach my hands up to gently touch the bandage around his neck.

      “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.” I whisper. He grabs my hand and looks into my eyes.

      “Don’t you dare be sorry. You did what you had to do and this is in no way your fault. You hear me?” he questions angrily. I quickly nod my head.There is a knock on the door and Zayn walks in. 

       Here’s the thing about Zayn. Whenever he walks into a room he exudes a sense of authority and power. He is always dressed in black and gray, adding a dash of blood red every now and then. He smiles at us and pats Harry on the back.

      Harry technically Zayn’s right hand man, the two were very close.  He looks at me with his rich caramel eyes and grins.

      “Welcome back guys. Feeling better?” he asks.

      “Yes, thanks for asking Zayn,” both Harry and I reply at the same time.

      “I have been informed that you both stayed tough and in fact did not give up my location to the Monroe militia,” says Zayn as he gauges Harry and my expressions. 

      Harry looks at me to answer.“Yes that is true. Neither of us gave up your whereabouts.”

       Zayn lets out a sigh of relief. He speaks again, but very softly. “I appreciate your loyalty very much. In fact if it wasn’t for you two I’d be dead by now.”

       Harry stands up and hugs Zayn in the most masculine way possible. “We’ve always got your back mate.” Zayn nods and hastily exits the room. 

         I take this time to admire Harry’s oh so toned body. And man, did months of training to become one of the best spies in the world pay off or what? His broad shoulders stretched his navy blue V-neck, and his biceps were not exactly huge but one could tell they were definitely strong and muscular. My eyes were making their way down to his torso when I realized he had turned around and was looking at me. I quickly look back up and blush as I see him smirking.

      “Were you checking me out babe?” he asks sweetly. I shake my head and look away. Harry stealthily comes and sits down next to me on the small hospital bed, taking my face in his hands. Before I can say anything he quickly crashes his soft pink lips to mine.

       I gained a sudden burst of confidence and dared to deepen the kiss further by putting one hand around his neck and tangling the other in his curly mess. Harry takes notice of my actions and slips his tongue into my mouth causing a moan to slip from both of us. We both begin to fight for dominance.

     You see, Harry and I had always played a ‘game’ of some sorts, if you won the tongue battle you got to be on top. Just as I was about to win Harry growls deep in his throat and takes over, defeating me. He grips my wrists harshly above my head causing me to wince. “H-Harry what are you doing?” I gasped out. He smirks against my lips and breathes, “I’m still mad at you for thinking my injury was your fault. Someone’s about to get punished real bad babe.”

     My heart starts pounding with anticipation in my chest, although I would never admit it. I secretly love it when he gets rough with me. With his grip still on my wrists he started making his way down, leaving rough love bites on my neck and chest, claiming his territory.  I squirm under his harsh grasp; I yearned to touch his scorching skin.

    “Nuh-uh, you’ve been a naughty girl. Naughty girls don’t get to use their hands,” he whispers against my neck. He slowly slips my hospital gown off leaving me exposed in only my black lace panties and bra. His emerald eyes turn dark with lust as he climbs back on top of me slowly making his way to where I needed him the most.

   “H-Harry I’m s-sorry, it wasn’t m-my fault.” I shakily say trying to redeem myself.

     Harry chuckles deeply against my stomach, “It’s too late for that baby you’ll have to prove it by screaming my name so loud that the whole colony will be able to hear you.”

     I whimper at his hot words against the cool contrast of my skin. Still squirming I buck my hips under his forceful grip. Harry pushes my hips down harshly and growls, “Stay still or else you’re not going to get what you want.”

    To desperate to put up a fight I nod quickly and bit my lip in effort to keep still. Harry reaches behind me and unclaspes my dark bra, licking his lips at the sensual sight of my exposed chest. One of his skilled calloused hands fondles my bare breasts as the other slowly strips me of my black lace panties.

     I inhale sharply as Harry starts massaging my sex. “Harry..jesus Christ…just fuck me al-already” I manage to choke out.

     He smirks and continues his descend, leaving a sloppy wet trail on the inside of my thighs. His curls tickle me as he eats me out, causing me to giggle. I entangle my hands in his thick hair and moan like there is no tomorrow. Man, he is good. I keep bucking my hips upwards trying so desperately to make more contact with him.

     Harry looks up at me and glares, “Don’t. Fucking. Move.” I don’t know why I said what I said next but I did anyways, “Make me.”

     Harry lets go of my legs and stands up, quickly taking off his shirt and jeans. I could see his hard on through the thin fabric of his boxers.

     “I won the kissing battle so I get to be on top.” He states as he takes off his boxers as well. Harry’s overwhelming size never seizes to amaze me, and he knows that all too well. 

     “Like what you see babe?” He asks with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

     “When do I not?” I reply before pulling him back down on top of me. Before I can object he ties my hands to the bed post with his shirt, careful not to provoke the bandages on my arm.

      “I’m still mad at you.” He explains when he notices my confused state.  

     Harry guides himself into me causing me to cry out in pain. He fills me up like no other, stretching my walls to the max. Tears sting my eyes.

     “Babe? I can stop if it hurts to much..” he struggles to say. His tone filled with pure concern.

     I shake my head, “No, its fine. Just give me a second to get used to you. After all it has been awhile.”

     Harry continues to hover over me not wanting to hurt me even more. Soon the pain subsides and pleasure overthrows my whole body, sending me into a state of euphoria.

      “FUCK…FASTER HARRY!” I scream. Harry smirks as he kisses my nose and thrusts into me. We continue at a steady pace and rhythm until Harry starts getting sloppy.

      “Baby im s-so close.” He hisses as he squeezes his eyes shut from the immense pleasure.

      “Come on baby come for me. Show me the man you can be, fill me up,” I whisper into his ear, knowing that my filthy words are just what he needs to push him over the edge.

     “FUCK AH SHIT” he shouts as he reaches his high.

     “You’re almost there babe just let go,” Harry grunts as he continues to thrust into me. The image of Harry arching his back and screaming in pleasure pushes me over the edge. I scream his name knowing that it would please him.

      As we come down from our highs Harry unties me and wrapped his arms around my waist before he settles in to cuddle with me.

      “I love you” he says.

      “I love you, Harry.”

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