twenty-five | it's going to be okay

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"Do you think they started that fire?" Bellamy whispers to me, so the guard doesn't hear. He's above the cage now, but still on watch.

"Which they?" I whisper back.

"Us. Octavia."

"It's possible," I say. "If so, they'd be coming to get us now."

"Clarke," Bellamy says, taking my hand and wrapping it in his. "If they come back down here and question you again, you can't answer them." I try to interrupt but he keeps going. "We're at war. Anything you say could hurt all of us."

"I can't let them hurt you," I tell him, looking up at his beautiful eyes.

"You have to," he says sadly.

I wrap my arm around his neck and he hooks his around my waist. "It's going to be okay," I whisper, closing my eyes.

He doesn't say anything.

"So you two finally did get together," I hear Murphy say.

Bellamy and I step apart.

"Don't stop on my account," Murphy says, putting his hands up.

Bellamy looks like he's about to say something, but we hear movement above, so we look up.

It's Octavia, fighting the Grounder meant to be our guard.

"O, be careful!" Bellamy shouts.

She doesn't acknowledge, just keeps fighting. Or rather, defending. She's good, but not as good as the Grounder. He's throwing all the punches, she's just dodging them. Suddenly, though, the Grounder is on the floor.

It looks like Finn has come up from behind and just hit him over the head. "He's just knocked out!" Finn calls down to us. "But they'll figure out what happened soon, we need to get you out."

Octavia takes off the door, and lowers a rope down. "Clarke, you first," she says. I reach out and grab the rope, looking at Bellamy as I do. He nods slightly, and so I put both hands around the rope, and they start to pull me up. As I rise, I see that Miller and Jasper are here, too, pulling the rope. I get up, but as soon as I do, we all hear shouting outside of the hut.

"Did they figure out there wasn't an attack?" Jasper asks in a panic.

"We have to go," says Finn. "Or we'll all be trapped in there." He starts towards the door.

I grab his arm. "What about Bellamy?"

Finn starts to answer but I hear Bellamy from the cell.

"You have to go, Clarke!" he calls.

"I'm not leaving you!"

"Clarke, you'll all be in here if you try and get me now," Bellamy says, his voice still strong.

"And me," I hear Murphy say.

"Clarke, we'll come back for him," Octavia tells me, putting an arm on my shoulder.

I let a tear slip, trying not to look at Bellamy again before we all escape the hut.

My posting schedule is going to be a little less consistent now, because I'm caught up to all the pre-written chapters. I will finish the story, though. Thanks for reading, please vote if you liked this!

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