Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

(Marcus' Penthpuse view------>)

 When we made it to the upper floor Marcus led me into a sitting area. It was gorgeous. All white sectional sofas and marble accent pieces. I nervously perched on one of the plush seats as he made his way over to a marvelous bar situated along the far wall of the room. I watched as he picked up some kind of remote control. He pressed button and the lights behind the bar came to life casting a serene glow about the room. He pressed another button and the panels on the wall silently glided to one side and OH MY GOD, the panoramic view of the city all lit up for the night was revealed.

 I gasped at the sight, this far up it was like you could see everything for miles, and the entire room except for one wall was completely glass. I was in total awe. I had to get up to take a look. Walking to up to the glass I catalogued the view. I would love the opportunity to draw this. I was busy studying the sight before my eyes when Marcus stepped up beside and handed me a glass of red wine. "Dom. Romane Conti 1997, try it. It's one of my favorites, no pun intended with the name." He smirked at me.

 I watched as he swirled the red liquid gently in his glass before bringing it to his nose and lightly inhaling the aroma before taking a sip. So I followed suit, it had a very rich aroma, like berries but seeped in leather. I sipped and the flavors bloomed on my tongue, it was almost hard to describe but there was a hint of licorice and something else I couldn't put my finger on but it was wonderful. "I can see why it's one of your favorites, it's really nice." I whispered. 

 "Come have a seat and let’s talk." He said taking my hand and leading me to the sofa. Again I perched on the edge of the couch while he just sprawled out. His one leg stretched out behind me and the other was on the floor so that I was almost sitting in between his legs. One hand was holding his glass of wine and the other was thrown lazily over the back of the sofa. If he wanted to, he could reach out and touch my hair, because he was that close.

 I tried with all my might to suppress the urge to stare at his perfect body so openly on display for my hungry eyes. "Shit, how was I going to have any sort of conversation with him played out like a pagan offering? I just wanted to devour him from head to toe." I thought and quickly took another sip of wine in hopes to calm my frayed nerves.

 He suddenly sat forward and he took the glass from my hand to set it next to his own on the coffee table in front of us. I felt the tingles of awareness as his finger reached under my chin so that I would look up into his smoldering silver eyes. "Are you agreeing to be mine?" He whispered and his warm wine spiced breath slid across lips causing me to shiver with delight.

 "I...I ha...have...a...a fe...few qu...questions first." I stuttered out.

 He leaned in even closer and I watched wide eyed as his lips got closer and closer. When his lips gently brushed across mine, I groaned. They were firm yet soft. On the second pass, I felt his warm wet tongue glide across my bottom lip begging for entrance, of which, I gladly gave to him. A shudder chased down my spine as his tongue entered my mouth and the kiss got hotter and hotter, like someone pouring gas into a fire, it blazed out of control. The next thing I knew I was sitting on top of him, my legs straddling his hips and my hands running over the warm expanse of his powerful tanned chest.

 My fingers ran downwards over every defined ridge of his delicious abs. "Fuck, he tasted so damn good!" I used my hands in his chest to push away from him separating our lips, panting, as I tried to draw air into my oxygen depleted lungs. His chest was heaving as he stared up at me with half lidded eyes. The lust in them caused me to blush even more and his massive erection rubbing against my ass filled me with pride that this man wanted me with such passion.

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