Friday 13th December 2013:

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Number #57 - Tampon Commercials;

Chocolate commercials, on occasion, make me order chocolate. And sometimes beer commercials make me buy beer. But do tampon commercials really make people buy tampons?

Isn't this one of those products that you either need or you don't? Aren't the ads entirely unnecessary? And the embarrassing situations they portray are just too much. Do we really need to see tampon disaster scenarios?

The toilet paper people don't do this.

Andrex ads show two little puppies playing with a roll of paper. They don't show a teenaged girl afraid to stand up because she has shit stains on her white pants, or a middle aged woman who won't change into her bathing suit because she didn't wipe her ass that day.

Get these commercials off my Television. Just put tampons on the shelf and if they need to be bought, we'll fucking buy them.

Yours sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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