Wednesday 11th December 2013:

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Number #29 TLC - The Learning Channel;

When I say learning, you say… that’s right, decorating and human oddities. No matter what you’re trying to learn, you would be hard pressed to put together a worse curriculum than the schedule from The Learning Channel (TLC).

Here are some of the academically educating programmes;

•Here comes honey boo boo,

•A Makeover Story,

•Clean Sweep,

•Trading Spaces,

•While You Were Out,


•Wild Child,

•The Story of Feral Children...

Why not put the Dukes of Hazzard on there so I can learn how to make moonshine and slide across the hood of a car?

Other recent educational fare includes; The Half Ton Man, What Not to Wear and a show about a bunch of dudes who run a tattoo parlour.

For the first time, for all of you to read, I am going to say something nice...

At least they have Golden Girls.

But let's be fucking serious...TLC? How about WTF or GTFO?

Yours sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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