Chapter Five

-One Month Later-

           “Lady Darcy, your husband wishes to speak with you.” Our butler, John, said to me with a bow, as I wrote a letter to my brother, Isaiah. It was September 12th, the day before Nathaniel’s trial.

         “Thank you, John.” I said, setting my quill into the ink jar. I stood, and smoothed the wrinkles out of my dress. The dress I wore this afternoon was the popular English style; Robe a l’Anglaise, with a tight fitting bodice when I wore my corset with it. The sleeves were three-quarter length with blue and gold trim. The fabric on the overskirt was a yellow, and light blue stripe, and the skirt opened in the front, revealing a light powder blue underskirt. Adorning the scooped neckline was the same trim that I had on my sleeves. With my dress I was wearing light pearl drop earrings, and my hair was worn in a simple updo, with long curls hanging at my neck. My shoes were light blue pumps with buckles, worn with my light grey stockings. It was still hard to believe that I was married to Blaine, and to my surprise, he was very much so passionate about me, and spoiled me like a queen with gowns, and gifts. I walked out of my bedchamber and down the long hallway into my husband’s study. I lightly tapped on the door, and he looked up, gave a smile, stood from his chair and gave me a bow, as I curtsied.

         “You wanted to see me, Captain Darcy?” I asked him playfully. He smiled, and played along.

         “Have a seat, Mrs. Darcy.” He said to me, and I sat in a chair in front of his desk. “The day after tomorrow is the scheduled day for the execution of Captain Nathaniel Edwards,” he said to me sadly.

         “Thank you for reminding me,” I said, more to myself.

         “I know this upsets you, darling, because my feelings are mutual.” He replied, and reached for my hand over his desk. “But, should we discuss our possible options for the plan to help him make one of his famous escapes?” he asked.

         “Yes,” I said, with an insincere smile. I could never imagine Nathaniel in the tower of London; awaiting his execution day…just as Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell, Catherine Howard, Guilford Dudley, and Lady Jane Grey had done so. But knowing Nathaniel, he would hold onto his pride until he walked the steps of the scaffold.

         “I’ve thought of some possible options,” he said, and searched his desk for a piece of paper. I looked around his study, and watched the world outside his large bay window. “Aha! Here it is, my dear!” he exclaimed, and I jumped. “My first idea was tomorrow night, we can help him escape the prison at the tower…” he started, when I interrupted him.

         “Excuse me, but Blaine…how will we get past all of the guards?” I asked, and he looked down at his list, picked up his quill and crossed it off.

“That’s a great thought.” He said to me, and began to read again. “My second idea was that you could faint, causing the guards to come help you, and Nathaniel might be able to run off the scaffold and plummet into the water at Executioners Dock, and swim away.” He said, and I considered it.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Blaine, but how will he swim with shackles on his feet, hands, and wearing a blindfold?” I asked, considering that I was over thinking everything.

“He’ll figure out something, I’m sure.” He said with a shrug.

“Anything else?” I asked him.

“No,” he replied, sheepishly. I laughed and smiled at him, and he returned it,

“Now, Blaine…” I started, walking about the room, while rubbing my hand on the smooth marble mantle of the fireplace. I looked out the window, and then looked at Blaine. “I found out that I’m pregnant, two days ago.” I started and he smiled.