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   Young Gods  
Chapter nine
Morning came and Paisley awoke, all powered up,
Going threw the halls she stopped at her sisters room,
Running in and jumping up on her bed,
Causing Emma to wake up and blow her younger sister off her,
"Good morning sunshine!" Paisley spoke happily
"What's got you this happy so early in the morning?" Emma groaned from her pillow,
"Oh nothing, breakfast ready anyways, time to get up."
She said before leaving.
Paisley was quick to finish her food before
She told her sister she was going into town, after getting approved of it , she ran to the entrance of the loop.
"Hey, Paisley." Jake greeted
Getting a smile and wave in return
"Hi jake." The young bloom replied giving the young boy a quick hug
"So why'd you want to meet here?"
"I wanted to known if you wanna go into town with me!" Jake said
The youngest bloom took in a deep breath looking down,
"What's wrong, do you not want to, cause if you don't that's fine." Jake said rambling on.
"N-no I'd love to but it's just that once I step out of the loop time will catch up to me and it'll make me age, thus me turning what like 90." Paisley replied
"Oh." Was all the blue eyed boy said in return.
"Well come Jake I wanna show you something ."
Paisley said her face emotionless.
Paisley and jake where on top of a small wall looking out into a field
"Can you tell me why where here again." Jake whined looking at The girl,
She turned to look at him about to speak when she got to up in looking into his blue eyes,
Both were leaning in, there lips brushing each other's
The two quickly pulled apart blushing, when Miss.peregrine came out with a cross bow
The youngest bloom cleared her throat before speaking
"I'm showing you what you've been asking since you got here."
The two watched as Miss.peregrine stood with her bow pointed straight at the little cliff,
The almost kiss, was pushed to the back of there minds as they watched her.
"What is gonna happe-."
Jake asked but didn't get to answer when he got his answer.
A long figure with long legs and arms with tentacles coming out of its mouth came crawling up the cliff
"Miss.Peregrine watch ou-" Jake yelled but got cut off by Paisley slapping her hand over his mouth
"Shhh, your gonna make her lose her concentration and miss!!" The young bloom whispered
Jake stared in awe as he watched Miss.peregrine
Aim the bow at it and shoot straight into its head.
"What was that thing."
Jake said turning to Paisley  with wide eyes
"That dear Jake was a hollowgast, but I didn't tell you this okay?"
Jake was gonna reply when the heard a yelling.
Both shot up running to the house.
Word count:464
This was a very crappy chapter!!

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