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One week later
(From the same time period as the last two chapters.)


The stream of light through the window danced behind my closed lids. My eyes fluttered open, a hand going up behind me, snatching the curtains together overhead with a frown.

Ive been staying in the Alpha's suite of the pack house.. where i needed to be.

our family home is occupied at the moment anyway.

Every morning.. the only thing i could ever think of was the dream i had last week.. the one of Nova. Only.. she didnt actually look like the Nova i remember..

She was different.

But in a very very good way.

Sighing, ignoring my hard on that successfully made an appearance with every thought of her, i climbed out of bed.. stretching as I walked over to the tall mirror on the door of my new master suite.

I've grown so much in the past months.. not the same little pup i was once. Now im an Alpha. A true Alpha by blood and by title. My blue eyes, seeming even more blue than usual, traveled down the ripped muscles on my torso.. the scars that guided my path were deep. My wandering eyes stopped at the bulge in my boxer briefs.. thick with desire for a female that had no use for me any longer.

My mate.

Groaning, my hands raked through my hair as i closed my eyes. I've been restless without my mate.. the wolf in me is going bat shìt crazy and i cant stop my mind from heading that direction every moment of every day.. remembering the feel of her body, giving me problems all throughout the day.

I have more testosterone running through me now because of my wolf.. because of my title change. My body was becoming bigger.. everything was. The need for physical attention was driving me crazy.

The unmated females of the pack, looking at me with wandering eyes that said they wouldn't mind a night of passion..

But i crave my mate. Not them.

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