[14]: Side A

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It felt so good to get a break from the Evan break up situation. But now back at the dorm that was currently being occupied by almost 13 girls with open books and notes everywhere.

"We need to go on another snack run," a girl from my science class yells. A few girls volunteered to go with her, pulling on their jackets and coats, heading towards the door.

"Be careful, ya'll," I tell them barely lifting my head from my study guides as the door closes. Sammi nudges my foot as I finally look up from my books.

"You okay with seeing Evan tomorrow?" she asks, getting up to get a drink.

"Excuse me," I say following her, stepping over a girl laying on her stomach who was flipping through flashcards.

"Yeah...I guess so. I mean it was my fault since I was the one who broke his heart. I think I broke my own heart in the process. Gosh, being without really sucks." I look down my purple socks, looking back at her. "Though I really miss him, it was my decision," drifting into a happy place of memories.

"You still here?" she asks as I snap out of my reverie.

"Uh, yeah...I'm here," I assure her, feeling the opposite. "I'm fine."

Yeah, right.


After we devoured through the second around of glass Coca-Cola bottles and junk food it was around 10:45 p.m. Most of the girls were falling asleep on each other and one was snoring. Loudly. It was getting late as I gently woke them up as they started to pack up and leave.

"Thanks for the study session," as I hug them goodbye.

"It was no problem I think we're going to do good. Now stop worrying and go get some sleep," I tell them, waving as I watch them getting smaller and smaller walking around the corner as I close the curtains.

"We're going to head back and rest our eyes, because I think my eyes are swirling," Sammi says. I chuckle at them as they gather their books and trudge back to their rooms, exchanging goodnights.

I wanted to study a bit more, glancing at the clock that sat above out record player. "Why does everything remind me of him?" I thought aloud.

I studied, readjusting my thoughts to the English passage instead to the boy I lost as I started to mumble the answers to myself.

I really hope the girls for to their dorms safe, because it was raining even harder now. I rubbed my eyes, realizing that I was reading the sentence over again.

It was time to stop, because at this point there was no use. I start to sort my papers when a firm, urgent knock interrupted my tired thoughts.

"Who in the world is crazy enough to come here in this weather?" I mumbled to myself, looking at the clock after midnight, padding to the door.

I looked through the peephole, shocked to recognize those eyes. I hurriedly looked away, putting my back against the door, pulling at my curls. I checked again to see the same eyes that haunted me and healed me.

But it couldn't be him.

"I'm...coming," I whisper to the door, turning it. Opening my dorm door, looking at a soaking Evan, his eyes looking into mine.

I didn't know what to say. I was shocked that he was here. How did he get there? Why is he here? We were staring at each other like aliens.

"Um...Mariana," he starts at the same time I say, "Evan?"

"I had this entire speech out to try to get you back, but I sure didn't expect you to even here or even open the door."

I wiped my hands on my wet shorts. He rubbed his the side of his head, pointing at my shirt.

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