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   Young Gods  
Chapter eight
The next day Paisley waited for Jake to come,

She sat in the gardens Picking flowers when she heard him call her name Standing Paisley turned to Jake smiling "hey Jake

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She sat in the gardens
Picking flowers when she heard him call her name
Standing Paisley turned to Jake smiling "hey Jake." She said "is it okay if I show you one of my hiding places, for when I need to think?" She asked as she saw that he needed a place like that
Smiling at her he answered
"I'd love that."
"Where we're going We need a boat, but don't worry I already have one."
The pale girl said while pushing the small motor boat with the help of Jake
The two teens were in the middle of nowhere and somewhere , Paisley  started to take off her violet laced dress, causing Jake to blush and look away, she was only left in a white crop-top and black shorts,  without any warning she just jumped into the ocean
while Jake quickly started to strip to go after her
"PAISLEY!?." He yelled before jumping in himself
He was amazed when he saw a large ship not to far away, what amazed him even more was when paisley started to bend water around her making a little air bubble form around her and Jake.
"awesome, right?" The youngest bloom asked smirking,
To caught up in amazement Jake only nodded
Once the go to the ship Paisley spoke "alright Jake, I  need you to hold your breath."
He did as told and that's when she released the air bubble around them making water wash over the two.
The two teens swam to a door, opening it both went inside before Paisley closed it.
She started to bend all the water out of the room so it was now dry.
"Wow" the blue eyed boy spoke looking over to the youngest bloom, smiling,
"You said the same thing my sister did." Paisley laughed
"I have a question." Jake said breaking the silence
"Shoot away." 
"Do you know how my grandfather died?"
Paisley breathe a heavy Breath "no, no one knows but you ."
"Do you want to know." He asked getting closer
"If you wanna tell me you can." Look up at him realizing not yet realizing how close bother were getting
"When I got a strange call from him telling me not to come over to check up on him, I thought something  was wrong so I went anyways, when I got there the back door was broken and he was gone, so when I went to look for him the gate that separates the woods from his yard was broken, I went to go check it out  
a-and I found him there, his eyes gone and before he died he told me to look for this place."
"Jake, did you tell Miss.peregrine?" Paisley said realizing how close they got, making her blush
"No, why."
"Because that thing you spoke of with your grandfathers eyes, that was cause by something horrific, Miss.peregrine won't even speak to us about, I think you need to tell her." Panic ran threw her voice
"Alright let's go."
"Miss.peregrine, Miss.Pere-."
Paisley was cut off by the one person she needed to talk to
"Miss, we need to talk to you it's urgent." She said looking to Jake who looked to her.
"Yes what is it."
After hearing the some thing Paisley heard , the headmistress spoke
"What else did you see?"
"T-this thing with long arms and legs with tentacle coming out of its mouth."
"Dear god, Jake I'd be best if you went home, you may return tomorrow."
"Alright Miss, But may i have a minute to talk to Paisley?" With a nod Miss.Peregrine left, leaving the two alone
"Can you need me by the loops entrance tomorrow?"
Jake asked with hope in his words
"Of course." She said hugging him before her left
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