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Um, okay. So I'm gonna go a bit out of my comfort zone in answering some of these...

Hair Color: I am a natural blonde

Eye Color: My eyes change between the colors blue and green

Favorite Color: Purple, Black

Favorite Food: Shoot, I don't know, whenever I get asked this question I just say Pizza....

Favorite Anime: Well shit...umm...well I haven't been watching anime at all recently but if I could choose like 3, it'd be (1) Kill la Kill (2) Fairy Tail (3) ummmmmmm whenever I get asked what is my favorite of something, especially anime, I remember NOTHING, especially when the ones I've seen aren't very popular. (But seriously, I can't ever think of ANY other names besides those 2 and it's really upsetting me) But I have a lot of favorites! My memory is just really bad T-T *loud sobbing*

Favorite Song: (Same thing as the anime applies) (1) Before My Body is Dry (2) Never End Tale [but on a dead serious note, today it was proven that the SECOND this song starts playing, I get into a great mood, no matter how I'm feeling *like neutral, but then I start screaming and dancing like I never even try to do*] (3) Heathens by Twenty One Pilots (4) Get off of My Back by Bryan Adams (5) the list could go on if I just looked at my phone

How many family members: *this is my household* 5 (including me)

Who are your family members: *still my household* My mom, my dad, my older sister and my younger sister.

State you live in: *the hesitation is real*.........Florida

Where were you born: State-wise?: Florida Location-wise?: Nope

Crush: I actually don't think I have one right now, but in elementary school I had like 4 at once. My most recent one from middle school was a kid named Conner. We argued a lot and once I stole his lollipop before a talent show and he and his friends chased me around a room before they tackled me and spent like 5 minutes trying to pry it from my hands. He's obsessed with cows too....

Best Friends: Well I had a group in middle school, but I screwed up a lot and when we did make up, we had to go to different schools. But my middle school best friends were (1) Olivia (2) Kelsey (3) Madison notasmartperson *we still keep in touch because she lives down the street and we've known each other since preschool* High school, I'm not really like the others where they already have their friends from middle school (even though I know most of the people from elementary) but my 2 closest friends are (1) Destiny xo_shortyy (2) Analis

Age: *more hesitation here*..................................................1...............................................5

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Sorry about some of my answers being too long >~<

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