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you suck around the pink lollipop seductively as you open the door, however your jaw drops and grasp of the lollipop weakens, letting it hit the ground.

"sumin .. why in the world are you wearing sailor mars lingerie?" jungkook smirks, yet confused by your outfit. a heated blush rises to your cheeks and you use your small hands to cover up you private parts; if that even helped. you weren't expecting this, your night was never meant to be interfered by your hot neighbour, jeon jungkook.

as well as being the city's heartthrob, he was the heartless breaker who never failed to get into any girl's pants. like any. but you probably knew more about him than all the girls he's had sex with combined, and keep in mind, he always has one around his dick.

tonight was meant to be an anime, or more like hentai, and chill night with your boyfriend. it was all you guys basically did, fuck and fuck. for his birthday last month, you went down on him cosplaying as sailor mars and from then, he only loved, talked and had sex with you when you were sailor mars.

you look and sound innocent, but because you are a crazy sex fiend who runs a popular blog that writes and posts about sex, sex and sex, you're his submissive.

"are you cosplaying sailor mars?" he says again with confidence in his tone. you shake a little and bend down ever so slowly, trying to occupy yourself by picking up the lollipop that was beginning to stick to the floor. before you could reach any lower, jungkook latches his hand onto your arm, paralysing your movements as you anticipate for his next move. "don't."

you stand in shock, surprised that he demands his answer so much that he doesn't even let you pick up your lollipop. however, he licks his upper lip and holds the twists the lollipop in his hand skilfully. "if you bend any lower im going to have a boner."

you chuckle softly, straightening your back as he traps you underneath his gaze. "if i get this into the bin, you owe me an explanation, okay?" jungkook raises perfect brow, implying that if he could throw your sticky lollipop into the bin down the hall, maybe five or six metres away you had to tell him why you were dressed like this. aimlessly, with his eyes still locked on yours, he throws the lollipop and it lands perfectly into the bin. there was no way he was human. "actually, a kiss will do just fine." he  leans in close and takes in your sensual scent, feminine and sexy; vanilla, some woody and floral notes of orchids, patchouli and rose accord fruits.

"you didn't .. get it in." you lie, barely in a whisper as his breath begins to fan your neck and the elevator doors open. he moves back in alert and peers down the hallway. "see for yourself." you say as you press your hands to his chest and turn him to face down the hallway. he shakes his head, squinting his eyes as he has no idea where the lollipop had went if it weren't for the bin. jungkook never misses.

he moves down the hallway anyway, just as your boyfriend started to approach you with a wide smile plastered across his face. "ah, my precious rei-chan." (for those who don't know, sailor mars' real name is rei) you rush forward quickly and grab him by the collar, dragging him into your dorm with your lips crashing against his, and pushing his back onto the door until it closed.

"i missed you .. min jae." you smile against his lips. he pouts his lips against yours in disappointment. your smile fades as he opens his mouth.

"i told you to call me senpai!" he says, just loud enough for his voice to be heard through the door pass jungkook, who is standing there with words that die on his tongue in surprise.

first of all, he totally got the lollipop in the bin and second of all, why was a girl like you in a relationship with an otaku, obsessed with sailor mars?

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