What's In Front of You (Barry Allen x reader)

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Summary: Barry is pining after someone else and recruits his other best friend, (Y/N), to help. But what he doesn't realize is that there is one woman who has eyes for him, who is right under his nose.

Requested: Yes. By  . I only tweaked the ending a little bit.

Warnings: None

Reader's POV

The Friend Zone. The absolute worst place to be in. Well that's what I was in right now. Can you guess by who?...... if you guessed Barry Allen, then you are correct. I have liked him since I met him in college. Our dorms were right across from each other. I even remember him walking in on me changing one time. And do you know who he likes? Iris West. They have a lot in common. One of the things that have in common is that they are completely oblivious to people who like them. Like me. That's how I was in the Friend Zone.

Let me tell you about being in the Friendzone.

It. Sucks.

So anyways, it was a normal day at Jitters and I was just sitting at a table drinking my coffee. Then, I saw Barry come inside and I wave him over.

"(Y/N). I've been looking all over for you."

"Why?" I asked

"I need your help in asking someone out."

Are you kidding me?! Absolutely not!

"Sure. I'd love to help you, Barry."

Well, crap.

"Thanks, (Y/N). I owe you one. I got to go, but I'll ask you about it later. Okay? Bye!" He then hurried out of the shop then sped away. Yes, I do know about him being the Flash. I work at STAR Labs with Dr Harrison Wells, Caitlin Snow, and Cisco Ramon in helping Barry.

I decided to pack up and head to my work. I got in my car and drove to STAR Labs.

I walked into the cortex and found only Cisco and Caitlin there

"What up, yo?" "Hey (Y/N)." I guess you can tell who said what.

"Hey guys. Has Barry come over yet?" I asked

"Nope. We haven't seen him this morning."

"Well, I just came from Jitters and he told me that it seems that he's asking someone out. My bet is Iris," I told them while sitting at the computers next to them.

"Oh I'm sorry, (N/N). I know how much you like him," consoled Caitlin and she rubbed my back sympathetically.

"No, it's fine. He's perfectly permitted to date anyone he wants. While I support him from afar," I shrugged.

Cisco said,"Oh yeah. She's got it bad," and he just sipped his slushee while I slapped him in the back of the head.

"But why would he need help in asking someone out?" I thought out loud.

"Maybe he needed a wingman?" Caitlin threw out.

"But why would he ask me?"

"Better question: Why wouldn't he ask me?" Cisco asked Caitlin, a little offended.

"Well, maybe he needed a woman's opinion on it, to get the best way to ask her out," suggested Caitlin. 

"Mmm, now that makes sense," Cisco pointed at her.

"Well, whatever it is, I just hope it will be over and done with," I stressed.


Ring Ring Ring

I answered my phone and saw Barry's number on it. 


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