Chapter Seven
-Rules Make The World Go 'Round-

Mark had asked me to stay behind after class and as I approached his desk I noticed Taylor walking with me.
“You don’t have to wait for me,” I told him, frowning.
“I’m not,” He laughed. “I was asked to stay behind too,” He told me and I changed my frown from Taylor to Mark.
“What’s up?” I asked, confused as Mark asked us to have a seat in the seats closest to the teachers desk.
“I’ve been thinking about your assignment,” He said, looking at me. “I think having a mentor would help you to fully appreciate the experiment,” he finished and Taylor was looking between us confused.
“You want to tell him?” I asked, unsure about it and Mark nodded.
“Taylor, as you know, the assignment for this semester is to live in other shoes and that is exactly what Lucy has done here... Or should I say Lockie?” Mark looked at me and winked. Taylor looked between Mark and I again, looking like his brain was trying to process what he was being told.
“Lucy?” He asked slowly, looking me over more closely than he had done before
“After our discussion I thought that I would turn the tables on myself and see just how bad being a boy is,” I shrugged, all pretence gone and his eyes nearly burst out of his head.
“Lucy Walters?!” He demanded and I nodded, laughing.
“No way. You’re a guy...” He was still frowning at me.
“I would show you my boobs but you’re a jerk and don’t deserve it,” I told him and realisation dawned on his face.
“You look scarily like a dude, dude,” He told me and I laughed again and shrugged trying to will myself not to blush.
“What I would like to ask of you Taylor is to take ‘Lockie’ here under your wing and treat him like ‘one of the boys’,” Mark interrupted us.
“How?” Taylor asked, looking apprehensive.
“Just the little things that you do with your friends. Going out or going to the gym or whatever it is that you spend your day doing,” Mark replied.
“Wait!” Taylor spun back to me. “You have a girlfriend!?” He asked and stated at the same time.
“She’s my roommate and loves to act,” I laughed, shrugging.
“So she knows?” He asked and I nodded. “What about Jake?” He asked and I shook my head.
“He doesn’t know a thing,” I told him, shaking my head.
“It’s so she can have a more realistic experience,” Mark explained, cutting in.
“This is crazy!” Taylor exclaimed. “I would have never have guessed you were a chick. But now, your face is too pretty and unhairy and the baggy clothes make sense and I thought you had some weird voice accident when you were younger and now your voice can’t break or something. But you’re actually a chick! Why did I never see it?” He asked himself, eyeing me off again.
“Weren’t looking for it?” I asked and he scrutinised me for a moment longer before mumbling;
“Rule number four...” I scrutinised his face back, not knowing what that meant at all.
“Will you do it, Taylor?” Mark asked.
“Yeah, I guess I’m up for some fun,” He nodded, “How long?” He asked.
“About a week and a half longer. It finishes at the end of next week,” I told him and he nodded.
“You’re in for a fulfilling, educational experience,” He informed me, the grin on his face making me feel unsettled.
“...Where do we begin...?” I didn’t want to ask the question but felt I had too.
“The rules,” He replied simply and stood up. “Catch you next class, Mark.”
“Don’t kill her, Taylor. It’s meant to be a pleasant experience, not a traumatising one,” He replied before waving us off. I quickly waved at Mark and caught up to Taylor who was already at the door.
“What are the rules?” I asked, walking through the open door Taylor held and stepped outside into the sun.
“The rules my dear lady man friend are essential to live a fulfilling life as a man,” Taylor told me with an air of maturity and knowing and I couldn’t help the sceptical look I knew I was giving him.
“Elaborate?” I asked and he gave me a side glance.
“It’s breaking the unwritten rules of the rules,” He told me as he came to a stop to look at me.
“Honestly?” I asked, rolling my eyes. “They sound stupid...” I muttered looking around the middle of the grassy quad we were standing in.
“They are not!” He quickly fought back.
“Then tell me about them.” I crossed my arms and glared at him.
“Fine,” He replied with the same attitude I was giving him. “Rule number four: Life is an illusion, you see what you want to see,” He told me and I stared at him stunned.
“What about rule one through three?” I asked and he rolled his eyes.
“They don’t apply to the current moment so they don’t matter,” He told me, like it was the most simplest solution on earth.
“How many rules are there?” I asked and he shrugged.
“Fifty,” He told me.
“...And where did you learn these rules?” I asked, still a little sceptical.
“They’re a family thing,” He shrugged. “My cousin taught them to me when I was about fourteen.”
“Where did he learn them from?” I asked and Taylor shrugged.
“Never spoke about it, honestly,” He told me as we began to walk again.
“Are they, like, written down somewhere?” I enquired and he shrugged again.
“I had them written down for a while but I think I lost them."
“Who started it?” I asked and Taylor rolled his eyes.
“Rule thirteen, dude. It’s okay to die not knowing how electric eels mate without stunning each other,” He told me.
“What the hell does that mean?” I asked, unsure of what to make of this rule.
“Stop asking questions! You don’t need to know the ins and outs of everything,” He told me, shaking his head. I felt eerily stupid as he made so much sense in what he was saying.
“One more question...” I stated quietly.
“Shoot,” He encouraged me.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Jake messaged me at the end of class. He’s at the basketball courts with some other guys and told me to come and bring you along too,” he told me.
“Ah,” I nodded my head once.