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Grayson's been giving me rides home after school before his practices for the past month after the movie date. Having a friend with a car sure does have its perks. He doesn't take me in the morning because I actually like riding it in the morning.
He's actually dropping me off right now." Gabs, how do you feel about Pokémon Go?"
" Don't get me started. I really love Pokémon." I've had every Pokémon game since the first gameboy. I'm not a big gamer but I love Pokémon." So you like Pokémon?"
" It's an understatement. I loved the show and the games as a kid." I don't want to tell him I still do because it's kind of nerdy.
" I was never into it, but my mom is obsessed with it right now. She was just telling me about how she just got a pikachu."" Adorable, she's so lucky I haven't even caught him yet."
" Well uh maybe you can come over and I can show you her pikachu."" Is Cameron still visiting?"
" Yes, but I told her to be nice."" Nah her presence disturbs me."" Fine, I'll go to your house."" I'll check if Janet and Abraham are there. If they are then sorry but if they aren't you can come."" Fine text them."
I take out my phone.
Me: are you coming home tonight?
Me and a couple of friends are gonna have a sleepover.
Janet: no hunny, it's fine
Your dad and I will just stay at the hotel
Me: good
Have fun with Abraham
" So? What'd they say?"" You can stay, thankfully they won't be coming home tonight."
We get inside my house and it's actually chilly tonight, I guess California just goes from hot with a drought to chilly with a drought." Do you have a heater?" I point to the thermostat and he goes and turns it on. I wonder if it always gets this way around October.
I check the Pokémon Go app and see there's a Dragonite and it has high cp. I swiftly catch it and do my mini victory dance. Grayson just stares at me. I hear his phone ring and his ringtone is Cupcakke. For those of you who aren't familiar with cupcakke, she's a rapper with really meaningful lyrics." Who's man is this?"" My moms calling, I gotta take this." He grabs his phone and tries to run out. But he accidentally trips on my jeans, that the cleaners said was not going to make a full recovery. The fibers of the jeans unfortunately mixed with my god brothers unborn children, but the stain is gone.
Grayson gets up and goes outside after fumbling.
I pick up the pants and throw them in my closet. Good thing I didn't tell him about what happened, he would've freaked out." Gabs you want a pizza?"" We can make it instead of ordering."" That's better, you have all the ingredients?"" Of course I have all the ingredients. Let's get started."
We walk downstairs and I take out the normal ingredients." I only have pepperoni, is that okay?"" Yeah I'm good with that."" I'll cut the pepperoni and grate the cheese. You spin the pizza." I pass him the dough and a rolling pin. The dough is pre-made just to save time, he's lucky I have to make my own food all the time or else I wouldn't have any supplies. I grab the cutting board and start slicing the meat. Grayson was looking at me during that and has a face full of pain." Oh um sorry." I'm not really sorry I just think he's being dramatic. Is he going to since in pain when I grate the cheese or what.
" Um Gabs?"" What?"" Sorry. I'll clean it up." I turn around and don't see anything out of the ordinary. Grayson points up, I see the dough stuck on the freaking ceiling." You better clean that up now. You never made pizza?"" Gabs it was my first time, making pizza isn't normal for me."" Fine clean it up and I'll start the new dough. I thought you were Italian, this should be in your blood."" I know, I just love eating pizza, I clearly never made one."
After he climbs my countertops to clean it off I begin the other dough. I masterfully throw it up and it doesn't get stuck. Once it is the right thickness and size, I stop." Do you think you can garnish it?"" Huh, what's that?"" Put on the toppings."" I can do that, cheesy or saucy?" I get hit with Rihanna's Sex with me. I grab my phone and start blasting." You know I got the sauce, you know I'm saucy And it's always wet a bitch never ever had to use lipgloss on it!"" So is that whole thing a yes?"" No I want it cheesy actually."
" Because I'm cheesy?"" Totally. That's why."
" Meaty?"
" Yes the more the merrier, I love meat. Fish is my favorite and meat is second, I can eat it for the rest of my life." I'm not against vegans but they sure are missing out. Cleo is a vegetarian so I don't really say that around her, she's not sensitive I'm just a good human being. I'm not really one to shove my way of life down others throats. Grayson gave me a weird look when I said I like meat. He's such a child, a cute man but a child at heart.
We put the pizza in the oven and I set the time, it'll be about twenty minutes before it's done.
" I taught you something, I showed you how to make pizza."
" No you pretty much made it all."" I couldn't have made it without my topping guy. Anyways what do you want to watch?"
" You choose. I'm good with whatever you pick."" I chose last time, go you can pick whatever."" Even a sports movie?"
" Only if it includes dogs or a underdog making it big."" I'll look for that."
A few more minutes and the pizza is done.
" You chose a movie already? The pizza is almost done."" Yeah you're gonna like it."
" I better if not I'm gonna suck your soul out!"" Hmm I'd like that." I want to smack this fuckboy. I swear to god." Jump off a plane."
" I might as well. You treat me so bad," he says in a sarcastic voice." Is that apart of a song?"" Why do you want everything to be a song?"" Don't judge me. I'm just creative."

We hear my alarm ring and we run to the kitchen. Grayson crashes into me and we fall. Luckily he got under me and while I fell backwards. He makes a good pillow. I wiggle to the side.
" Get up and help me up." He does as I say," give me your hand."" Fiinnne," I extend it and he pulls me up easily." You're weightless."" I know, but I'm still thick." I slap my ass and I hear a satisfying smack. Other than my decent ass I am as light as a feather. Grayson looks away, I must've intimidated him." Is the pizza done?"
" Yeah we let it cool off enough, use a glove." I tell him before he attempted to get it out with his bare hand. It would've been funny if he burned his hand, but I honestly don't want him bothering me to fix it.
He slices the pizza and we place it on the table in my room." So are you gonna tell me what movie it is?"" No, it's a surprise."
I shut my eyes while he starts playing the movie.
" Open them." I see Air Bud on the tv screen. For those of you who straight up don't know Buddy, he's the lovable golden retriever who helps a boy become a basketball player and also becomes one.
I squeal with happiness and Grayson laughs at me obnoxiously." Fine I'll calm down."
Halfway through the movie Grayson moves the pillow and gets closer to me.
I pause the movie and dog him. By the way I've been told I'm a pretty good dogger, it's basically when my face tells others, to in nicer terms eff off. Hopefully he gets the message to not lay so close to me.
" What? I need more lumbar support, coach said I've been slacking. I'm apparently starting to get a slouch."" Mhm better be that, if it isn't, you're going to actually need lumbar support."" Is that a threat?"" No but it's a promise."
He gets up from the bed and runs downstairs. Geez I didn't think I was that threatening.
He comes up later and puts the couch pillow in between both of us." Is this better princess?"
" Somewhat better." Grayson just chuckles because he knows he can't stay mad at me. I press play and we continue to watch the movie.

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