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   Young Gods  
Chapter Six

After Emma was done,
Paisley walked to Jake smiling, with Emma following close behind
"Hey Jake, how are you liking this place so far?" The pale girl asked
"It's lovely." Jake said feeling heat crawl up his neck and to his cheeks.
Emma watched with a smile on her face as her sister was conversing with the boy,
Paisley Saw a light blush come across his face , making her own cheeks blaze up as well, giving the boy a cheeky smile Paisley  opened her mouth to speak but Miss.peregrine beat her to it
"I hope there was no trouble getting Jake here, unlike the last time you brought Abe."
The sisters Gave her a nervous laugh
"About tha-" Paisley was cut off by loud voices and pounding at the door
"You are in trouble when I get finished, hopefully I don't have to kill anybody." Miss.Peregrine claimed furiously.
"It wasn't them miss, it was me I caused the problem because I was stupid, please do not punish them."
Jake begged causing Paisley to smile at him for being so kind
"Very well, but if it happens again you are defiantly are I trouble, Emma come with me." Miss.Peregrine said
Before walking off with Emma by her side.
Turning to Jake, Paisley   opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted again by someone yelling that supper was ready.
"Come Jake, we must get you cleaner clothes for supper." She said smiling, taking his hand.
"This used to be your grandfathers room." Paisley  spoke as she turned on the light to the room.
"You knew my grandfather?"
Jake asked looking towards the pale girl
"Yes, you could say him and my sister had a romantic relationship before he wanted to go join the army."
She said a small smile playing her lips from the memory.
Taking out a pair of clothes she passed them to Jake
"There ya go, the bathrooms over there." She said point to a door
When jake was done paisley  was Fixing his jacket
"Did you know what happen to my grandfather."
Jake asked staring at the girl he's come to like
"Yes, I've heard he's passed."
Paisley looked down, tears welling up in her eyes, taking a large amount of air Paisley looked at him
Both teens locking eyes for a long time before the girl broke it, by placing the flower she was playing with in his breast pocket.
"We should go before were late." Paisley said while looking into jakes beautiful blue eyes.
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