Chaper 7

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Farkle went to smackle's house and saw her with zay and zay left and Farkle got upset and bang on the window that smackle jump and open the window hey honey nuggets Smackle!! why was zay in the room with you umm no reason he just wanted to know why I got expelled from school smackle are you sure!! Yes!! I'm sure Damm stop asking ok ok so we need to talk about why you thought I was going to break up with you look here I love you and I kinda like like Riley so I thought about it you make me happy and laugh and my day shine there's no way I'm leaving you I love you and only you thanks farkle and i love you too Riley heard everything and ran home in tears and start cutting her self with a knife she put 5 cuts on her arm and put on her jacket a week later Riley and maya came to school together and everyone start clapping then Riley saw farkle and rolled her eyes then farkle was looking at her butt and bit his lips and mumble Damm she a big ass then lucus and zay heard him and said I know right farkle look at them and said she's my woman now stop looking at her ass only I can do that and talk about it you understand fine then Riley walk to the girls restroom then the rang farkle wated to everyone left then went in the bathroom and came behind her then smack her butt Damm girl you got a big ass Riley jump behind and was kinda scared you funkin scared me to death come on baby im sorry don't baby me ok babe fine you can called me babe he started kissing her passionately and took her in a stall and and took off her jacket but didn't see the cuts on her arm then took off her shirt but then someone came in the bathroom and it was maya riles wats taking so long Riley and farkle stop kissing nothing putting on her shirt and jacket while farkle sat her on his lap while putting his hands around her waist ok well you need to get to class right now ok I'm coming then farkle got up and crowded on the floor while Riley pushed him and she opened the door and said lets get to class now

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