Much Needed Distraction.

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The pass twenty four hours have been a whirl wind of emotions, if this is what my brothers were protecting me from, I'll gladly let them continue to do so

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The pass twenty four hours have been a whirl wind of emotions, if this is what my brothers were protecting me from, I'll gladly let them continue to do so. All I know is that I never want to feel the way I've felt since yesterday. Foolish, naive, inexperienced, heartbroken. Of course, Taylor's had my back, her anger enough for the both of us.

This morning, the hopeful and naive part of me expected Chase to drive up to my house, disregarding my words from yesterday. He'd gravel for forgiveness, apologizing profusely, explaining how stupid he is for throwing away a good thing. That wasn't the case, he never showed, and I don't even know why I hoped he would. I also never heard from him. By the end of the school day, I was emotionally exhausted.

After school, Taylor took me to the garage, insisting she'll stick around until I'm done. I promised her we wouldn't stay long because it was the last place I wanted to be. She insisted we'd have a 'much needed girls evening' even if it was a school night. I was sincerely grateful to have her by side.

"Okay, where to?" Taylor asks me.

"Anywhere but Chrissy's." I tell her. Sadly, I may not be able to step foot into Chrissy's diner for a long time. The thought alone depresses me. The pie...

"Okay, I think I know just the place!" Tay interrupts my longing for pie.

"Drive onward!" I point forward.

It didn't take long to get where we were going, a popular burger joint right outside of town, that I've actually never been to. Since Chrissy's was a local diner, a friend of my mother's, I always felt obligated to go there. It didn't hurt that Chrissy's had some amazing food. Taylor finally found a parking spot towards the back of the parking lot.

"Well it's packed, so that's a good sign right?" She says turning off the ignition.

"Very." I respond glancing around, a group of kids were standing off towards the left, just hanging around. 

"I've always wanted to try their burgers, everyone's been raving about it since they opened."

"Seems like everyone else had the same thought tonight."

We both exit her jeep and head inside the busy restaurant, I follow behind her but nearly run right into her back. "Tay, what are you doing?" I ask stepping around her. She glances around, and shrugs, "Just seeing if there's anyone we know, but I don't see anyone." then swings her head to the front of the building, "Looks like we're suppose to order first."

Following her line of sight, a young guy standing behind the counter wearing a red shirt with a large rocket on the front, the name written across his chest, and a red visor upon his head. He's watching us with a less than enthusiastic expression. I smile in attempt to make him feel...I don't know, appreciated? It didn't work, his eyes move away from me to the person standing in front of him, I hadn't even realized Taylor left my side. I move through the makeshift line, coming to stand next to her.

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