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   Young Gods  
Chapter four
Walking into the little cave Jake spoke horrified 
"Aren't you supposed to be dead!"
"No, I mean we're right here aren't we?."
Emma said
Confused, Jacob asked

"How are you alive I heard that the house was bombed!"  "Where fine miss

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"How are you alive I heard that the house was bombed!"
"Where fine miss.peregrine reversed the loop so we were ready when it came."
Paisley said .
Getting really freaked out and not understanding the situation 
Jacob raced out of the cave and back to the hotel his fathers at,
Not realizing he's in a different time zone.
"Where do you think Ye be goin, boy." The bar tender spoke.
Making jake stop from going up stairs
"Going to my room."
"That so" the bearded bar tender spoke with a heavy Walsh accent
"Yes, my rooms up stairs."
Jake shot back
"Does this look like a hotel to You?" The man spoke slamming his cup down that he held.
Looked around realizing that drunken people stared at him hatefully.
"N-No sir, but you see my dad rented a room upstairs, see I even got a key." Jake said taking out the key handing it to the bartender
"That's bull, the only person who lives 'er is me." The man spat getting unwanted saliva on jake.
"No I-." Jake stopped when people started to question him.
"Lies , I tell ye' , he's a nazi spy." One drunk in man shouted
"No sir he's not, 'e must be an American with an accent like that." A women yelled next
"Rubbish, he's a nazi spy, listen to the accent it's terrible." The same man spoke
Soft mummers went around the room agreeing.
"No I'm a tourist, I came from Ameri-" jake couldn't finish again for he was cut off by the bar tender
"Lies, I say we touter him, till he confesses the germs(Germans) plans."  The man spoke
Agreements where spoken around the room
Only to stop when plates and filled mugs started to float and smash into walls and tables.
Paisley ran into the room grabbing jake, running out while trying to avoid shards flying at them,
Out side olive waited till the young bloom and jake got out so she could set the bar  on fire , doing so
They rushed to the awaiting carriage Emma sat upon.  
Sitting across from Paisley  Jake looked to her and smiled getting one in return
"Did you guys see that?"
He spoke
"No, what?" Paisley asked
"I think I found out my peculiar power." Jake answered smiling
The girls laughed at him,
"No you didn't, Jake that was Millard." Emma said pointing to Millards spot next to Paisley , which looked empty to Jake.
"Is he naked?" Jake said pointing to the spot
"Terribly so." Millard replied as Emma handed him his clothes.
Word count:490

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