Drunken love (Chris Brown)

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Chris POV

Co-Writer: Aye! Wassup! This is my first time writing a dirty imagine by myself! TURN UP! I ain't gon waist yalls time no more. Here's what you came for!

So Its time to pop some bottles and TURN UP! Its was 10:00pm and I didn't want to drink alone. I got my iPhone5 out my pocket and called up the only girl I know that was fun to be around when I'm drunk, YN. I've had a crush on her since we were little but I didn't want to mess up or friendship if she didn't feel the same. After the 3 ring, she picked up sounding cheerful to hear my voice.

Chris: Aye YN!

YN: Wassup My Nigga!

Chris: Wana get drunk with me?

YN: Oh, you finna turn up! Ight I'm down with it

Chris: Seen you when you get here. Bye

YN: Bye big head

And she hung up. I went up stairs to go get ready for YN's arrival.

10 minutes later

I'm ready for YN to come over. I'm going to seduce her while she's drunk so it'll be easier for her not to tell me to stop. I ran over to my stereo and put my phone in the dock. I put on Yeah 3x and cranked the song up. I heard a knock at the door and went to the door to get it. When I opened the door, YN was standing there in a blue V-Neck shirt that hugged her boobs and cleavage nicely, with some high waisted white shorts, and her blue flip flops. She smiled at me showing me her perfect white teeth. I just stared at her body. The things that I would do to her.

I invited her in and she walked past me strait to the kitchen where the liquor was. Wow! I'm guessing she really needed this. I shut the door and followed her into the kitchen where she was making both of us a drink. She mixed some vodka and orange juice together. She downed her's and handed me mine. She got drunk instantly. I walked into the living room to dance to It won't stop. YN walked over and started to whine her hips on me

It wad turning me on so I turned her around and started kissing her. I went to her neck and licked, kissed and sucked on it. She moaned. I've got her right where I want her.

Chris: Lets take this up stairs

YN drunkenly made her way upstairs to my room and fell on the bed. I quickly ripped her clothes off and spread her legs as wide as I could. I dived head first into her ocean. Licking from her pierced clit to her wet opening. I shoved my tongue deep in her. As soon as I did YN let out a loud and long scream. I bit her clit and tugged at it softly. She started shaking and I knew she was about to cum any minute so I pulled away and stood up. I took off my pants and boxers. She bit her lip, satisfied at my large size. I opened her legs wider this time and pushed in roughly. "Aaaah! Ughh! Chrisss! Deeper! Harder! " I followed her comandes. "What's my name" "Chrissss!" She arched her back more. "That's not it ma" I put her leg over my sholder and pounded into her deeper. "OMG! I-I'M...GONNA...." "Say my name YN" I half way pulled out and slammed back into her, making her body go wild with pleasure. "DADDY!" She screamed when she came. I quickly pulled out and got on my knees and licked it up slowly. Once I stood back up I could see YN smirking at me. "You really thought I was drunk huh?" she asked. All I could do is bite my lip, flip her ass over and start round 2.

I hope y'all liked it!!!! My co writer did most of the work THANKS BOO!!!

Taellor 💋💋

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