Chapter 16 (Part 2)

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I wanna help her but don't even know where to start. Kai's not an idiot, and I'm a shitty liar, so sooner or later, she's gonna get caught.

I just hope to God she figures out what she wants and who she wants before that happens.

"Don't tell him, okay? I'll tell him when the time comes or whatever."

What are you doing, babe?

"Okay, but you should probably do it soon. As in, now. Otherwise he's gonna ask questions, and I don't want him on my ass about . I have enough problems I have to deal with."

Like trying to keep my shit together around you.

"Okay, fine. I'll call him back, but let's get a cab down to the club first. We can't stick around the dorm like this or else he might see us!"

Before I can point out everything wrong with what she just said, Jersey grabs me by the hand and bolts towards the cab line in front of Sproul Hall.

I follow her one foot after the other, running head first into the kind of trouble neither of us can afford to get into.

But fuck it.

We're living.

Even if it's just for the moment, this moment's all we need.

Adrenaline's rushing through my veins so fast my whole body's buzzing.

Or maybe I'm buzzing because of her.

Jersey's hand's so small I can barely see it inside of mine, but I feel her there.

The warmth of her fingers wrapped around my palm.

She pulls me after her, I follow her stride, and watch the wind dance through the waves of her hair.

I don't what we're doing.

I don't know where this is going.

But right now, I don't fucking care.

I'm taking the night as comes, and I'm taking her in. Even if I'm not supposed to be. I can't help it.

My eyes follow Jersey as she directs us towards a cab up ahead. She turns around shouts at me to speed up, so I do. I push my whole body forward. Closer to her. Closer to everything I've been missing.

But I've gotta keep it together.

'Cause if I don't--

--I'll lose her as soon the sun comes up.


Jersey spends most of the taxi ride in total silence. Aside from the couple times Kai actually lets her speak, she just sits and listens to him talk at her through the other end of her phone.

Something's off about the conversation.

Something's off about her.

The Jersey I knew last summer wouldn't take any bullshit from anybody. She'd put a guy in his place as soon as he crossed the line. But Kai's got her quiet.

I shouldn't be eavesdropping. I should be screwing around on my phone or surfing Snapchat like I I don't give a shit about what's going on.

But I do.

Jersey's got her knees tucked up into her chest and her eyes trained on the world outside the backseat window. She looks like a little girl. Like somebody half her age with half her confidence.

She never acted like this around me.

So why the hell is she like this around him?

I open my mouth to say something to her, but the sudden jerk of the cab driver slamming on the breaks steals my attention.

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