Chapter 16 (Part 2)

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Jersey rips her phone outta my fingers and swats at my head with her free hand. She misses by a mile, but I still feel the heat coming off her intentions. No doubt, that slap was a hundred and fifty percent meant for me, but the anger behind it doesn't make sense.

Not for a girl who's boyfriend supposedly knows I'm gay.

And not for a girl who supposedly thinks I'm gay.

But then again, I didn't start this lie. She did. Problem is, now all three of us have to live with the consequences.

"Relax, Jersey!"

She struggles to steady herself on her heels for a couple seconds, but once she's fully upright, she stomps over to me again.

"Relax!? You stole my phone!"

She points her finger right at my face, and I cup my hands around it to try to calm her down.

"Look, I'm sorry okay? I thought Roxy was stressing you out again."

"No! It was Kai! I was supposed to meet him for dinner earlier, and I forgot because of Social Night, and now he's gonna be mad at me! Especially if he thinks I'm with you!"

Oh. Shit. Okay yeah, my bad. She didn't have to try to hit me though. Geeze.

"What's wrong with me hanging out with you? Doesn't he think I'm--didn't you tell him I was--"

I trail off. No matter how badly she needs this lie, I'm not gonna own it like it's true.

"Well, yeah. But he's superstitious remember?" She says.

Holy shit. Did she just get a word wrong? She totally did. I should film this or something, 'cause me being right for once is kinda history channel worthy.

"You mean suspicious, right?"

Jersey's eyes nearly pop outta her face.

"Did you just correct me?!" She asks.


"Um, yes?"

She cocks her hand back, and I brace myself for the damage. Her palm collides with mine and she winks at me instead.

"High five! Nice job, Elias! School's barely started, and you're already getting better at English!"

She almost smiles, and I almost kiss her, but her phone buzzes and steals the slap-happy grins right off our faces.

"Oh crap! It's him again. What do I do?" Jersey asks.

"Just talk to him. I'm sure he'll understand. Just say that Social Night came up last minute and Roxy forced you to go."

She stares down at her screen and then back up at me, eyes wide and worried.

"Yeah, but he's gonna wanna know why you're here."

"We live across the hall from each other, Jersey. Social Night's a dorm event, he can't get mad at you for that. He knows we both live in the same quad, right?"

She shakes her head, and my stomach drops. It'd be one thing if he already knew, but the fact that she's hiding it is gonna screw us both over. Especially her. Not that I give a shit about Kai, but if my girlfriend was pulling what she's pulling, I'd be suspicious too.

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