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Young Gods
Chapter three
Paisley tried her best to contain her laugh as she watched the pale boy look around, scared.
Just to mess with him, she started to stomp all around , making noises only to get smacked on the back of head by her sister,
Paisley glared at her while Emma held a finger to her mouth as to shush her
"Hello? Who is that, Miss.Peregrine?" Paisley watched as Jacob walked around the house , looking in all directions
Watching as the twins stared to follow Jacob,

Paisley laughed as Jake went around the house senseless calling out to anybody
Her laughing quickly died down when
   she watched him run out of the house and trip causing him to hit his head on a rock and fall unconscious
"Oh dear, we have a problem." Paisley spoke threw the house to her friends.
For Paisley it was hilarious to watch Bronwyn carry Jacob who was twice the size of her,
It was only when She laughed out loud when the small Curly haired girl threw Jacob to the ground.
Paisley look at her friends seeing no one else amused in the situation, so she quickly straightened up
Hearing the boy groan, the children looked at him as the boy moved
"Bloody hell." He whispered
Getting up, not noticing the seven children watching him.
Finally looking up Jacob was startled to see them watching his every move.
"Are you the peculiar children?" His voice rasped look at each child, looking  at Paisley the longest.
"Yes we're are, and are you abe?" The eldest bloom spoke.
Switching his gaze from Paisley to Emma Jacob shook his head "no you must be mistaken, I am his grandson, Jacob Portman."
Paisley smiled at his politeness reaching a hand out to him,
"Paisley bloom, and my sister Emma bloom and our friend
Millard,Olive,Bronwyn, and  the twins." She spoke pointing to each one.
Taking her hand Jacob smiled "Nice to meet you all, I've heard so much about all of you."
"I hope it's all good." She joked.
A silence took over the two hands still connected, till Emma cleared her throat "would you like to follow us." She said.
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