Fast Times At Clairemont High

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[still in Mike's pov]

My heart sank, tears made my eyes red and swollen, and I was scared. I quickly dialed Vic's number. 

"Hey Mike, what's up?"

"Tony's been kidnapped!" I screamed

"Wait, what?! When? Do you have any idea where he is?" 

"A few hours ago! I called like 20 times and he just answered, Billie took him and he's in his old school's basement! We need to find him, you and Jaime come to my place now, please!" I yelled

"Okay man, we're on our way." He said quickly with fear in his voice. 

"Dammit, DAMMIT!" I screamed to myself, pacing around the apartment. 'I know what to do.' I thought. I ran back into Tony and I's room. I slid my hand under neath my dresser and grabbed my Pistol and some bullets. I was going to get Tony back one way or another. 

[Vic's pov}

Jaime and I finally arrived at Mike's apartment. I knocked on the door.  "Come in!" Mike yelled. We both walked in at the same time "You ready to get the love of your life back?" Jaime said confidently. Mike shook his head and pointed towards the door. "Tony's old school, Clairemont, is just down the road from here. It's walking distance. But we should take the car anyways." Mike said. He didn't sound as hopeless as he did before. We all looked at each other and nodded. 

I parked out back of the school and looked at Mike. "You got a plan?" I asked. "Yeah. Just follow my lead. If anyone gets in your way, knock the hell out of them." he said in return. Me and Jaime shook our heads in approval. "Let's do this." Jaime said opening the car door. Mike walked up to the back door, surprisingly it was unlocked. He walked straight down the steps that were on the left when we entered. He pulled a gun out of his pants "Mike, why did you bring that." I whispered to him. "Don't worry Vic, I got this." Hopefully he was telling the truth, I don't need him going to jail for some murder shit. He pulled open the door, I could hear Tony crying. "Surprise mother fuckers!" Mike yelled while running in the dark room. Five men surrounded Tony, they all turned around to Mike, clenching their fists. Jaime didn't even wait for any of them to get in the way, he punched two guys right in the face and kicked them in the balls. They fell straight to the ground. Mike pointed the gun towards Billie. Mike walked towards Billy and grabbed his long blonde hair and slammed his head against a brick wall. "Ever touch Tony again and I'll end your fucking life." Mike mumbled with anger. Just when I thought Mike was going to let Billy go, Mike slammed the fucker to the ground and kicked him in the face. Mike turned around and pointed the gun at the two guys who helped Billy take Tony, "You wanna try to fight me?" He said, looking straight in there cold brown eyes. They shook their head and backed away. Jaime and I ran over and untied Tony. Jaime took the gun from Mike and pointed at the two guys while Mike picked Tony up and carried him out of the room, up the stairs, and into the car. Jaime and I ran out of the room and we locked the door on the guys. 

[Tony's pov]

I was pretty much unconscious when Mike laid me on the backseat of the car. I didn't know how bad the damage was, but it felt pretty fucking bad to me. All I heard was Mike saying "Tony, I love you." and then everything was silent. 

*A month later*

[Tony's pov still]

I woke up, I was in the hospital. I looked to the left and saw Mike sleeping in a chair. Then I looked to the right and saw a note. I picked it up and read it. 

Tony, it's been a month since you've been awake. You've been unconscious for awhile now. Mike has been in the hospital everyday since the day we rescued you from Billy and his gang of asshole friends. Jaime and I are in the tour bus. We needed to go do concerts but because you and Mike are still in San Diego this will have to be acoustic until you're ready to play again. Billy and his friends went to jail by the way. They were arrested for assault, kidnapping, and other countless charges. I'f you're reading this, I'm really sorry we couldn't see you wake up or be there for you. But the tour manager told us we have to play this show. I also wanted to wish you and Mike a happy 7 months of being together. Jaime and I love you both and hope you get better. 

                                  Love, Vic and Jaime. 

My eyes started to water. Have I really been here for a month? I put the letter back in the envelope and I found some pictures Jaime and Vic took of Mike playing guitar, singing, and kissing the wounds on my body the whole month I've been here. The tears that were built up finally came out. I looked over to Mike and reached my hand out, tapping his knee. He looked up "Tony, you're awake!" he said cheerfully. I patted the side of the hospital bed and slid my body over. "Lay here with me." I told him. Mike got up and slid into the bed. I put my head on his shoulder and showed him the pictures and the letter. "Mike," I started to say "Hmm?" He asked. "Will you sing to me?" I asked, looking into his eyes. He got his guitar and started singing "Therapy" by all time low. I wrapped my arms around Mike's body "I really love you Mike. Thank you, for everything." Mike looked down and kissed my head "I love you too Tone. You're my life." His voice was so quiet and humble. I loved it. I pulled his head down and kissed his soft lips. "I feel like this is our first kiss still. Because every time we kiss, it makes me forget everything else. It's amazing." I whispered. A smile appeared on his face. I love when I'm the reason he smiles. 

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