Started With a Lie

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Ivory Flores: Nice? Yes. Helpful? Yes. Pushover? Check. She’s your go-to-girl for anything you might need. Karen and Peter have been her best friends for as long as anyone can remember. That’s why you’d never see it coming. Karen betrays Ivory, joins the wrong group of friends, and even takes the only guy Ivory’s ever set eyes on – Peter. 

So Ivory changes… for the better. She doesn’t sit and turn her cheek anymore. She fights back to anyone who starts a fight. Ivory’s done with being taken advantage of. So when Karen pushes her over the edge, Ivory fights back saying that she’s dating multi-millionaire, Lee Richardson – the most perfect man. Karen doesn’t believe Ivory, and to prove it, Ivory goes through great lengths to finally beat Karen at least once. Lee doesn’t sit back either. Surprisingly, he complies.

 Everything started with a lie, but will it end as one?

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