Chapter Three

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A/N: 7/27 has literally been my shit for the past couple of months---}}

Hannah's P.O.V

"How was your first day back to school Hannah?" My therapist, Rhonda Wilson, asks me. 

"How do you think it went Rhonda?" I ask as I cross my legs mimicking how she's sitting. "The suicidal rich girl comes back to school after supposedly killing herself, how do you think they're going to react?"

"But how did it make you feel Hannah?" She asks.

I love Rhonda, I really do, and she is a great therapist. Probably the best that money could ask for. And that's why I always end up feeling bad for her because I don't really need to be here. I mean sure I tried to off myself but will sending me to a shrink really make any difference? I already knew what my problems were before, hence why I tried to kill myself, I don't need someone to reiterate my problems for me. 

"I felt like moth in a flock of butterflies," I decide to say, resting my head on my hand. 

"Why?" She asks tilting her head at me.

"Because all I did was make one mistake and everyone suddenly turned on me," I say quietly messing with my fingers. 

"Turned on you in what respect Hannah?" She asks jotting something down on the clipboard she's holding in her hands. 

"Everyone just...hates me."

"People told you that?"

"Some did," I say nodding. "Others called me names, said I was a rich girl who doesn't appreciate what she has."

"Very typical in cases like yours," Rhonda says pushing the glasses that are perched on her nose into place. "It makes sense that the people at your school are reacting the way that they are. They probably picture your life as something they'll only ever get a glimpse of in the movies. Something so far out of their reach that they feel as if you were being selfish by not wanting to keep it."

"But these people," I say biting my lip. "These people don't even know me."

"But they know the image that they've created for you," she says smiling at me sadly. "You've been in the spotlight since you were born Hannah. I know you've not a famous rock star or anything but with your parents being the people that they are...the world has gotten to watch you grow up. People see you as what they want to perceive you as, not as what you are."

With that last thought the timer goes off, signaling that my session is done. I sigh and slowly strand up. I say my farewell to Rhonda and step out of the room. 

When I was younger I'd always imagined my life being much different. I figured I would be traveling around with my parents and having the time of my life, not visiting therapy offices and taking anti-depressant pills on a daily basis. 

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