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Ivory Dover.

Young, barely fifteen — they say she had her whole life ahead of her...

But she never wanted it.

Another face in the crowd, blurred, distorted. Hidden beneath all those other extravagant personalties.

She lived her life, in the shadows of others — amongst a crowd of people — of everything. It was never enough, but in the end she didn't care — she didn't care at all.

Then, life decided that she needed to care.

A quick thinker, she prided herself in her intellect. After all, she didn't have anything else. To this day, she can thoroughly say, that no amount of theory or streets smarts could prepare her for what life would present her.

She was neither a Nara or an Uzumaki, an Uchiha nor a Sarutobi.

She was a Dover, and they stuck it through to the end. No matter what fucked up shit life threw at you — and no matter how many walking corpses bid you a good morning.

In the end, Ivory was just glad she could think on her feet. God forbid what would have happened when he asked the dreaded question.

"Who are you?"



Dictionary - A literary device in which a fictional character who is the real author of a work of fiction appears as an idealised character within that fiction, either overtly or in disguise.

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Odyssey is apart of a shared universe (others books in said universe being 'Bounty Hunter' and 'Till The End'). This universe acts differently to the Naruto CANON timeline and events, characters and entire plot lines have either been killed, not killed, changed or not changed.

They can be read in any order as stand alone or as a series. Just a fair warning leads from all three appear books in all three books.

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