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Young Gods
Chapter two
Paisley awoke to someone banging around in her room,
"Paisley it's time to get up , we are to bring the new guest here!" The eldest bloom exclaimed happily as she was looking threw Paisley closet.
"Why so early." Paisley grumpy spoke
"So everything will be on exact time."Emma replied throwing a set of clothes at her sister, "get dressed and meet me down by the stairs." And With that she left
In her new attire paisley  walk down the stairs fairly slow, just to annoy Emma,
Finally reaching the end aspen smiled at her sister and was about to speak till Emma got to it first.

"you took bloody forever!

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"you took bloody forever!." The eldest bloom spoke with annoyance.
"Well I'm sorry I had to look at least decent." Paisley shot back with a large grin
"Yeah, well it's time to go, KIDS!" Emma yelled.
Not only two seconds later olive, the twins, Millard and Bronwyn were down in a flash ready to go.
As they walked out the door paisley yelled "bye Miss.Peregrine, we will return shortly."
Jacob Portman , made his way threw the old and moldy run down children's home trying to find any living being.
"Hello, Miss.Peregrine." The pasty boy spoke, only to get now reply.
Finding a set of stairs Jacob started to walk up, hearing each and every creak that is made, once he got to the top , Jacob adventure into a room filled with jars, the young blue eyed boy looked around till he heard a heavy creak that wasn't made by him, turning Jacob spotted a figure.
"H-hello." He spoke.
Word count:268

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