This is it guys! Over a year spent writing this book and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's crazy how imaginary characters and strangers from around the world could help me through some hard times in my life, but you have and I couldn't have wished for a better group of loyal fans of the story. Thank you.

The final chapter has taken 2 months to write and it ended up a little different then I thought it would. I had no idea when I decided to do a sequel that writing the perfect ending would be so difficult. I hope you're not let down by it and it finishes the story on an exciting ending. I also can't believe how long it is (33 pages on word =O)

Some secrets are spilled in this chapter, others I've kept for the second book. Speaking of... the first chapter will be posted after Christmas.


I've bored you enough, so with one final THANK YOU to the most amazing supporters any writer could ever have, I bid you happy reading, my sweet little wolves...

Chapter 40 - Part 2

With all the other guests dancing, it was only us still sitting at the table on the edge of the dance floor. Sara dropped down onto a chair, empty glasses in her hands and exhaustion finally taking over. "You look tired," Peter noted, "beautiful, but tired."

She smiled, "It's worth it."

I sat on Mason's lap, one of his arms around my waist and the other draped over my leg. Resting my head on his shoulder, I felt a kiss being pressed to my forehead before his lips moved against my skin. "Tired?" I nodded.

"It's wonderful night, Sara." My mom said, "Everyone is having such a good time." Alpha Tom raised his glass, "I agree." Standing from his chair, he held out his hand for Delilah to take. "Now I would like to dance with my beautiful mate." With a rosy tint to her cheeks, she stood and followed him on to the make shift dance floor.

Turning in his chair to face Bella, Cole wiggled his brows. "How about a dance, hot stuff?"

"I've got two left feet."

He smirked, "You can stand on my shoes."

"I'm not four."

"I'd say you're a ten." He winked.

Her head snapped towards him, "Really? You're trying to get me to dance with cheesy lines like that?" Slowly, her lips curved at the corners, a sly smile forming. "Is little Cole a virgin?"

He choked on his drink, "What?" Placing her hands over her heart, she cooed, "You are, aren't you? That's cute."

With a slack jaw and eyes wide he looked at Mason. "Dude, you weren't kidding about her biting ass." Chuckling, Mason shook his head. "Man, this chick is killing me." Cole mumbled into his glass as he took a gulp of alcohol.

I leaned in to Bella, so I couldn't be overheard by the others, "Give him a break," I whispered, trying to suppress my giggling, "it's only a dance."

Huffing out a breath, she stood up and tugged on the sleeve of his shirt, "Come on, loser." Mason and I laughed watching Cole almost trip over his own feet trying to get up quick enough.

Emma and Ray also moved towards the dance floor, closely followed by the rest of our table. My laughter subsided into a wide smile when my eyes landed on Nicky. Standing from his chair and moving round the table, he looked at Mason. "Can I steal a dance with your mate?"

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