chapter eleven

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The sound of the gun shot resonated in the entire room. The man's head felt back.

He was dead.

I couldn't say anything.
Tino gave the gun back to one of the man and put down both of his sleeves. We didn't made eyes contact since he shot. He indicated to both of the men to leave the room, and they did.

Tino turned around and locked eyes with me . It was deep, too deep for me. I couldn't look at him anymore so I turned my face.

He was disgusting me.
He was not better then my father, not worst, he was the same.

It was extremely silent in the room. He walked to me and I handed him his suit jacket still not looking at him.
He put it on and said

"We are not finished "

My anger was growing more and more. But I didn't say anything and walked near him, my body straight, I was looking in front me with a lot of confidence but I was far from being proud of who I was with.
We went near his car and I opened the door for myself before he could, I sat down , put my seat belt on and looked out of the window not giving a fuck about what he was doing.
I heard him climb in the car and start the engine.

The car ride was silent .

I fell asleep.

I woke up when the car stopped moving.

"Where are we ?" I asked confused.

"You are able to talk again ?" He said with a smirk .
Okay in off, I was tired of this piece of shit .

"Are you fucking kidding me!" I said now looking at him with anger in my eyes .

"Are you really sure that you don't suffer of bipolarity ? " he said with one of his cocky smile.

"What the fuck Tino ? Are you dumb or something like that? I'm so mad at you right now you can't even imagine ! " I said exasperated and put my face in one of my hand to calm me down .

At this moment I heard my seat belt unlocking and in 2 seconds he lifted me up and put me on his lap.
I was facing him in shock.
He was looking at me, angry .

"Another rule Tino, never do that again " I said as much serious as I could because our position was kind of distracting. I didn't heard the sadness in my voice.

His gaze soften.

"Do what ?" He asked softly while putting his hands on my hips.

"Since when Tino speaks with a soft voice ? " I thought.

"Everything don't do that when I'm around just... don't" I said as my eyes started watering.

"But that's who I am Camilla, I'm nothing more, nothing less " He said with a concerned look.

I put my finger on his mouth for him to shut up .

"Never say that again, you are so much more then that! I only know you since a week and I have never seen someone as interesting as you but what you did today makes me feel so seek Tino. You reminded of my ..."

He leaned and captured my lips with his, he started kissing me softly and I found myself kissing him back. Our kiss deepened and I started playing with his hair while one of his hand started rubbing my thigh making my skirt go up reveling my panties. I was so into the kiss that I wasn't caring at this point. He started playing with the edge of my pantie, teasing me and I just moaned. Our tongues were battling for dominance. And than he started rubbing me trough the fabric of my panties and makes me moan so loud and he wasn't even touching my skin. God why does he affects me so much?

It's when I realized what we were doing, what he was doing. I caught his hand and broke the kiss.

"God you're so wet baby " he said in a husky voice.

"Please Tino..." I said out of breath.

He put his head on my shoulder trying to calm down.

We stayed like this for I don't know how long.

"Don't do something that you will regret... We can't" I whispered.

"Ok, you know what forget it. Get out of the car." He said now annoyed, all his sweetness disappeared in one second and the cold man was back.

"Don't be so rude" I said now annoyed too.

"Get out of the car !" He shouted.

I opened the door, remove myself from him and put my skirt down. I realized that we were in the parking of the mansion. I went straith to the elevator not caring if Tino was following me or not. But then I remembered that I could only access the elevator if Tino taped the code. Fuck it, Fuck him !

"Fuck" I said very annoyed.

"What ?" He said right behind me, I didn't heard him come. I turn around and started poking his chest with my finger every time a word went out of my mouth.

"Fuck it, fuck the mafia, fuck you, fuck my father, fuck everything" Every time I poked his chest harder.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside the elevator, we stayed silence the whole ride. The elevator's doors opened and he dragged me the living room trowing me on the sofa like he was going to... I don't know... punish me.
He removed his suit jacket and trow it one the floor and he rolled up his sleeves.
A scene I have already been the witness of earlier this afternoon.

"Tino what are you doing ? " I said with a little voice, he was scaring me.

"You are a fucking children Camilla" he said standing in front of me.
I was feeling like one right now. I tried to stand up but he pushed me back in the sofa.

"Why do you keep saying that? I'm not a fucking children stop with that ! " I said challenging him, he was pissing me off.

"Because it's true. You are only 19 ! I'm 24 girl, I'm a man.
It's not because your little pussy had sexual relations with men before that you can consider yourself as a donna." (Woman) he said very angry.

Does he consider what we did a " sexual relation" ? Oh but wait he doesn't know...

"And what is a "woman" for you then?" I said lifting one of my brows .

"I don't like your attitude Miss.Ricci"

"I don't have to respect you Mr.Albrizzi " I said even more annoyed.

"Bambina " (child) he said with is intense stare.

"Asshole " I said even more loud .

"Cagna " he said.
I actually laughed at his one. He was looking at me like I was insane.

"You know what Tino, I'm so done with you. You think you know everything ? Well watch out you could be surprised" I said very annoyed. I got up and he didn't tried to push me back. I went directly to my room and then my bathroom.
I took a long long warm shower.

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