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"Must every house be build upon love? What about loyalty and appreciation?" - Hazrat Omer Farooq (R.A)


The words caught in her throat wanted an escape out desperately but Omer's hold on her hand prevented it. She wanted to shout out that it was her fault, that she was the one to be blamed here but Omer silenced her long before she even got a chance to utter single word.

"But Mr. Lashari we got the report of a woman driving the car." The police officer said, his eyes narrowed around the edges.

"You obviously got a false tip. I was driving the car when the accident happened and besides, it is my car. Why would she drive it when I'm present?" Omer was unsually calm, his face pacific.

The police officer turned silent for a moment, his eyes scanning their faces.

The man's face was calm and careless while the woman chewed the inside of her mouth, looking disturbed.

"Officer, I will talk to you in private. For now, I have to send my wife back home. Will you give me a minute?" Omer asked and the Officer gave him an incredulous look.

"Mr. Lashari, if not the culprit, she is a witness. We can't probably let her go." Officer answered and Omer's forehead got decorated with lines.

"Officer, I think I should talk to you first." With that said, he gestured the officer to come with him.

Fariya saw with wide eyes as Omer took the police officers with him, his steps not the slightest bit of shaking. She took in the sight of Omer who was talking while using his hands, trying to convince the officers with words she could not hear. The only thought that registered in her mind was the one of Omer taking her blame.

She still couldn't believe how the things had turned out. Had she stayed in her home and waited for the driver to come back, things wouldn't have happened like the way they did. But as they say, bad days are followed by worse days and the same was happening to Fariya now.

Heaving a deep breath, she tried to control her racing heart and ran her tongue over her lips, a small attempt to gather her thoughts and think about what she should do next. However, there was only one thing to do.

Shaking her head, she began to walk towards the three men who were engaged in what seemed to be a heated discussion. Omer's eyes landed on her when she was quite away, a distance of few metres between them. He quickly turned his face towards the men and said something inaudible to the officers.

Fariya saw as he nodded his head and moved towards her, his steps hurried and impatient. Reaching up to her, he stopped and locked his eyes on her face.

"Fariya, I've talked to them. You can go home." Omer said quite impatiently but Fariya shook her head forcefully.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to tell the police that you're lying." Fariya said angrily and took a step to move past him but Omer was quick.

He quickly extended his arm and stopped her on time, his eyes now filled with slight anger.

"Fariya, no. You're going home. The driver is outside, waiting for you." Omer's voice was laced with irritation but it had no affect, whatsoever, on Fariya.

"I won't let you take the blame for me. It's my fault and I will face the consequences." Fariya said strenuously.

Omer stared at her for a second before he clenched his teeth in frustration and closed his eyes.

"Fariya, the man's condition is serious. You have absolutely no idea what will happen if he dies." Omer gently said after opening his eyes, his tone trying to convince the stubborn woman.

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