edited-chapter 6

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Author p.o.v

*one more day till the surprise begin*

As the group sit on the floor boruto notice something or someone was missing .

" have anyone seen hima , dattabasa?"he asked
"I dunno where she went I think she's still sleeping- ."sarada replied but was cut off with a

That is all they heard an 'ARF ARF' from marui , kimaki puppy barked . " same Marui heard that too and everyone else did I think ."said kimaki scratched her head .

Suddenly , boruto started to sweat and shiver like his mom just was about to use the byakugan (sorry I forgot how to spell it😂😂okay on with the story) on him.

he felt this feeling before its very similar to the one- ...everyone looked up verrrryyyyyy slowly when they seen BIG GLOWING WHITE EYES "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH." Was all you heard from that house.

(Le time skip brought to you by Tobi stripping on a pole?!?!)

" *Pant pant* KAMI HIMA DONT DO THAT TO US!!"everyone yelled except for boruto who soul left his body as soon as everyone started screaming . while himawari was rolling on the floor laughing her whiskers off. Once she stopped she turned serious . " I can't find my teddy ." she pouted and left .

"What are we gonna do today ?" kakishi-sensai asked . ( I miss Phineas and Ferb*cries* ) " let's go to the hot springs , because I need a massage " mirai-sensai said cracking her back .

" okay , let's go then ." cho-cho munched and walked to the door . they walked out and headed to the hot springs . boruto was on a look out for this old-man named jariya-sensai or as his father called him ' pervy-sage ' .

They splitted up . boys going to the boys side and girls going to the girls side .

after they finished they went to a ramen shop . " hey there children , what are you ordering ." the owner asked * I somehow forgot his name but continue pls* the children .

all order the same but boruto and himawari order 5 and 7 bowls making the chef le gasp .

" dont worry their mom fix more than you think" shikadai sighed lazily . The old man just laughed .

" you look familiar .... You look like my most famous and important costumer named naruto uzumaki ." he smiled . " never heard of him sir ." boruto said purposely and got kicked in the leg by himawari .

he winced and went back to eating some ramen . after all of them was finished they went back to their apartment house .

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