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I woke up today on the floor. I guess I fell out of bed again. I got up and went to my closet. I was one of the lucky people in the house who got their own room. They all hated me for that reason only of course, but I wasn't bullied or anything. I was the weird girl that everyone was cool with. I picked out my Twenty One Pilots shirt and my black sweats that said Dallon Weekes on them. I made it myself.

Dallon Weekes was sort of my celebrity crush. I ran fan accounts on Twitter, where he followed me, Instagram, and even YouTube. My Wattpad page was just Dallon Weekes fanfiction. But as long as he didn't know who I really was I didn't mind if he followed me. But who would. It was Dallon James Weekes!

I got in the shower and got ready. You know, the normal shower stuff or whatever. At least you should know. Today was adoption day. I never really cared. I had my own plan. To move out at 18 and live my life in a band with my friends, meet Dallon Weekes and then marry Tyler Joseph. Sadly he was taken, but I could be a home wrecker right?

As soon as I got dressed I picked up my phone and put on Air Catcher by Twenty One Pilots. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. My favorite place. I walked to the kitchen sink (You get it?) and washed my hands. Maya had already cooked breakfast for us but I wasn't that hungry. I grabbed a poptart and walked to the door.

"Hey Maya! I'm out!" I yelled from the front door. "Okay Andrea. Be back in an hour. It's Adoption Day!" I was about to shut the door when Jamie put his foot between it.

"I'm coming with." I rolled my eyes and kept walking. "Drea. Wait up." He had always called me that. "I, uh, got you your birthday day present. I didn't have enough money to buy one for you before your birthday,but I did my chores for once." He said looking down. He always had a crush on me. Little did he know I go for both teams and he wasn't on one of them. He pulled out a box and handed to me.

"Happy 13th birthday Drea." He said quietly. It was a gold necklace with Quinn on it. It also had a different necklace with 'Joker's' on it. Joker's Quinn. Wow that is so adorable. Weird, but it was definitely a Jamie idea.

"We've been best friends for a while and when one of us gets adopted or leaves we can remember our friendship." I gave him a hug handed him my necklace. As he was putting it on for me I couldn't help but ask.

"How did you afford this?" He finished my necklace and started putting on his. "Well, I did a lot of people's chores including mine. Plus my allowance. All for you and worth it." I smiled and hugged him again.

"I can't believe you. Do you know what you could've bought with that Jamie?" We started to walk to the park again. "If it wasn't for you, I don't want it." He said quietly. "And you got me something!" He pointed out.

"Yeah, but they were only headphones Jamie." I told him. "The ones I always wanted! $79. That's crazy." He said. He wouldn't let it go. I sat down on a swing next to him and shook my head.

"And how much were the necklaces Jamie?" I asked him. He knew I had already won because he never responded. "They couldn't have been that much?" I said quietly.

"We've got to go back." I said. We walked in silence. It wasn't awkward. We were just looking around since it was summer and the sky was so beautiful. I played Cancer by My Chemical Romance and kept walking. Once we had gotten in Maya had pushed me in line and Jamie to the side.

"Finally you are here!" She yelled at me. "They are looking for 13 year olds. Jamie get to the other side." She said sternly. She patted my shoulders. "Good luck," she paused. "My little Drea." She had made that nickname for me when I had first come here. No time for sad stuff though.

I was going through my gallery looking for more Brallon memes to post on Twitter when he walked in. Dallon Weekes and Breezy Weekes. Breezy looked at me and pointed me out to Dallon. My eyes widen as I locked my phone. They didn't need to see the memes, even though they were dank.

"Hi I'm Breezy and this is my husband Dallon. What's your name?" She asked me. I wanted to say 'a fan' but I couldn't. He had to know by my pants. Andrea you idiot. Had to wear these today. I looked down at my sweats and heard Jamie laugh. I flipped him off and he laughed harder making me laugh.

"Andrea. But my nickname is also Drea. Hi."

Dallon Weekes was standing in front of me.

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