Erzas battle and another

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She entered the menacing building and quickly equipped to her Japanese cloth armor. Only a wrapping around her chest area, red hammer pants, her bright red hair in a big ponytail, and twin swords held tightly her hands.

Without a thought, she began to run her way throughout the layout of the building. Every monster that came her way didn't last a chance as her swords swiped their ways through them, eradicating the monsters from existence.

She seemed to e looking around for something that was there. The more she defeated, the stronger they seemed to become.

As this continued, I counted the numbers she was defeating. By now, she was down to only one. If this is the last monster, then it has to be its strongest one. The only thing that wanted her every move without anyone noticing.

She reached the top platform and searched all around. A small monster stood in front of her. Without another thought, it trans formed. The room she was currently in became dark like the night as the small creature turned into a monstrous thing.

Erza paid no mind to how gigantic it was and charged. We was injured but not to the point of death as she continued on with her battle.

Erza scarlet, the Fairy that should have fallen but stands and walks with a rave and undefeated look in her fiery red eyes. Sabertooth has a tough rival on our hands, I'll give them that.

She walked out of the building with confidence written on her face. The crowd was cheering her name like how they would do for a parade.

Just as the crowd was doing, I yelled out her name in appraisal. She was amazing and taking on all 75 of those things was supposed to be impossible, for most people.

Ace had his arms crossed over is chest while that little invention he had was placed on top of his head. He seemed to have a look of sadness/anger has he looked onto the crowds.

"Don't worry little guy. You'll have your time to shine. Just have to wait a but longer."

"Mew mew!"

Both teams of Fairy Tail seemed to congratulate Erza but had a look that said they already knew that this would happen. As she received the praises from all around her, her eyes somehow kept finding their way towards us.

I caught her eyes and held her gaze for a while. Without breaking eye contact, I smiled at her and mouthed to her:

'You were great out there. Great job.'

She blushed lightly and then looked away. I guess she gets embarrassed easily.

"Alright! Wasn't that amazing everyone! Only two people went and all of the monsters were defeated! Erza from Fairy Tail A is amazing but so is Ace from Sabertooth with his little friend."

"See Ace. At least you got some praise as well."

I chuckled slightly at Nyx's choice of words as Ace and Yukino began to stare lovingly into each other's eyes once again. Those two are truly meant to be.

"Alrighty then. Now it's time for more of the Grand Magic Games everyone. Please turn your attentions to the lacrimation above.'

It flipped through the faces of every one of our opponents once again until it landed on one familiar face and an unknown one.

"Rouge Cheney vs Warcry."

The two opponents made their way down onto the battlefield. I would never say this to his face, but that Warcry looks a bit like Toby from Lamia Scale. I mean, they both have something to do with with dogs I guess. And his facial structure is a bit weird. They must be long lost brothers or something.

They faced off against each other. All was silent as the fight had begun.

Warcry, the dog like person, continued to growl instead of using his words. At least that was better than nothing, like how Rouge was doing.

Looking closely, Warcry's eyes were slightly glazed over. It stayed that way until we could see the unshed tears well the!selves up into his eyes. Rouge also seem to notice as his eyes grew wider and a miniscule sweat drop rolled down the side of his head.

Without warning, Warcry went into a frenzy of tears. Gasp were heard out of the entire audience, including the guild's that were in their respective stands.

This was too much for me. I mean, tear magic? Or is he just crying?

Without thinking too much into it, I contacted Rouge using telepathy.

*Rouge POV*

What's going on right now? Did I do something to upset him? I don't remember seeing his face ever before so I can't say I have. What the hell is going on?!



'I'm sorry to be talking to you in the middle of your...battle, but I have something really important to ask you.'

'Sure, what is it? I don't think I'm gonna be occupied at all if this continues.'

'That's just the thing. Can you just hurry this up please. I'm feeling bad for this guy. He's in full on tears and is embarrassing himself but in all honesty, his dog like crying is making my chest hurt. So please hurry!'

'My pleasure.'

Raising my hand slowly, I focused most of my magic power onto my target. Feeling the energy surge throughout my body and towards my right hand, I was certain that was enough.

Without warning, I blasted it out onto Warcry's body. Instead of screaming out in pain, he continued to cry even when he was knocked out. I have to admit, that was annoying as well. I'm thankful that it's over with now.

*Lucy's POV*

Cheers erupted from the stadium once again. Rouge's name was being chanted from all directions. I can understand as well. Hearing his wailing was enough to annoy even the most calmest person on the planet.

"Well then, I guess Rouge Cheney is the winner for this battle~kabo! Please stay tuned for more GMG's."

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