Unruly Servant (chapter 22)

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A/N: Yeah new chapter! Anyway updates are going to be as quick as I can make them on this one. The end is actually coming very near if I stick to the plan. I'll be breaking away from the manga story line shortly after the circus ending, which is next chapter ;). After that I reintroduce our shadow man and his origins, along with a familiar face who is causing some problems for our dear Queen. So look forward to the finale few arcs (arcs consist of a good four or so chapters so the end isn't all THAT close yet) of this story.


Chapter Twenty-Two

I flipped the page over and just refrained from releasing a very unladylike yawn from my mouth. The book was rather dry but most of the interesting ones had already been consumed by me and now lay scattered about the floor of my chambers; the first few novels having belonged to Poe, an author who's works Ciel apparently adored, laid closest to the door at the start of the piles. There were well over a hundred novels and collections of poetry laying in the room, but this was not to be unexpected when I was held back from the excitement that had been promised yesterday. Though I couldn't blame Ciel for getting ill, I could however blame that foreign prince and his servant for being so meddlesome.

The wait was painful.

I sighed and dropped the book down onto another pile nearest to me. Usually I would have brought them back to the library downstairs myself, but giving Sebastian more work while I was allowed to do so was an appealing notion. The excuse of being the lady of the house was both useful as it was annoying. There were plenty of things that could have kept me entertained, but were off limits thanks to the false title.

Down the hall I could hear the quiet whisper of Sebastian's footsteps followed by a pair that was only slightly louder, meaning it could only be Agni. The Indian was rather close in comparison to a demon with his 'goddess' given gifts; his strength and silent movements only a few of these likenesses.

Feeling that they might hold some brief relief for my restless mind, I hurried for the door and into the hallway. Passing down the hall towards the entrance stairwell, Agni brought up the rear of the group with a slumbering Soma resting on his back. Sebastian either didn't notice my presence or choose to ignore it, instead continuing with the discussion he was having with Agni or rather Soma- so much for my thought that he was asleep.

"Ciel is still a child! He's at the age where you want to be fawned over and cuddled by your parents all day when you have a cold."

The very mental image of Ciel asking to be cuddled made me nearly burst into a fit of uncontrollably giggles. The picture of him, straight faced and asking very seriously for that was simply too much. Ciel was proud and it was his pride that would never allow him to even considered being coddled.

By the time I had willed the giggles to stop, I had missed much of the passing conversation. Suddenly Soma's head popped up from his servant's shoulder to regard Sebastian. Though I couldn't see his expression, I knew it had to be strictly serious for once just from the scolding tone of his voice.

"You should be nice to him and fawn over him with all your might," he stated. "Okay, be nice!"

With the words he wanted to say out, Soma hopped off Agni's back and turned to dart away. My guess was that he was afraid of Sebastian's wrath, the poor boy had already been a victim to it once before and I doubted he wanted another scolding like that again. However, I wasn't about to let him slip away just yet. Where would be the entertainment in that?

Reaching out, I snatched a hold of his clothing. He was yanked to a stop and turned ever so slowly to face me, probably expecting Sebastian with the size his eyes had grown to. When he noticed it was just me, his expression relaxed slightly.

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