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It was hard to control his urges. They crept and loitered in the back of his mind like a dark force, lingering with cruel intentions and carrying a hefty weight of a merciless haunting – a gut-wrenching twist to feed the hungry monster within Kylo Ren's, wicked soul.

When the baring of the darkness within him, curled upon his tongue and ran the blood within his veins cold, it was already too late to stop what had already, sub-consciously, began.

His dark brown eyes cast across his surroundings, taking in the melancholy faces and bleak voices around him, nit-picking through the bunch to find the brightest star out of the world's population-galaxy, to dwindle and mould one of them, into the same type of void which burns in the midst of his cold, brutal heart.

He initially tried to fight it, but when his craving only became stronger overtime, it was an unfair battle and only left him feeling horribly tortured when he realised that he truely enjoyed the taste of his very own, brand of heroine – the forbidden taste to savour.

But like all things do, it grew upon him – the darkness bled slowly into him, whilst his humanity only ran dry. It started by merely squashing insects on the footpath when he was younger, stopping in his tracks behind his friends and watching the mush of the bug dry along the pavement, whilst the other boys all called out for him to break out of his immoral daze.

Then, it moved to something more tangible, something which he could physically watch the life leave their eyes, like the neighbourhood dogs and the old-woman next door's, friendly cat.

Though, those house-hold pets soon weren't enough either to sedate his overgrowing and demanding hunger, and it was becoming unbearable to live with as he constantly found his dreams replacing the friendly cats with crying humans, covered in their own, thick and metallic but beautiful, blood.

Dynamically, it didn't take long for those dreams to become a reality – and through the years that pass, Kylo had found multiple ways to make it more exciting than it already was, more exhilarating... but his favourite part of the killings, was the build up.

Yes – the build up, the ever-present, climatical longing as he would stalk his victims, find out everything about them until he grew to hate them, somehow impossibly more. Kylo soon found that if there was a burning feeling of ferocious hatred for his victim, when the time came to slicing his sharp knife into their pudgy flesh, to watch all the adrenaline snap beneath the hilt, he would smile at his lethal force and almost, feel relieved that their life was finally raptured out of this world, leaving only the crimson to stain his fingers and the taste of their blood upon his tongue, for the memory.

It made his mouth even water now.

He spotted her.

She was messy. Thin but her personality was large. It was a late night on a Saturday in the city and she seemed to be waiting for someone outside a busy and erotic nightclub as her legs wobbled and swayed whilst her face was illuminated by the screen of her phone which she was invested in.

Kylo Ren had been watching her for three days now, and she seemed to somehow soar into the top twenty list of most hated victims. Alaska Black was maintained, usually, and her heart seemed to be made of stone behind that thick wall of make-up, which was always layered upon her face beneath the curtains of her thick, auburn hair.

Alaska Black was plastic, inside and out – and it didn't help her case that he loathed the way she smacked her glossed lips constantly, whispering and gossiping about the students who go to her college, especially those she would consider to be her friends.

But she was exciting. He had never killed a plastic woman before, he usually went for the easy targets, the women who would come to him initially and throw themselves upon his broad shoulders which held his handsome face.

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