Chapter 1 - Coffee and Bees

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What a long and boring journey from Phoenix to Forks and I wasn't even in a window seat! 

The only good thing was the eye candy sat next to me, who had introduced himself as Paul...

Oh and also gave me his number *squeal*

As I climbed off the plane holding my holdall, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. It was red hot, I turned and flicking my hair out the way, I saw Paul smiling at me. "Need any help?" he asked indicating to my holdall. I shook my head, "Nah I'm cool thanks" I said smiling up at him. He was huge! "It was more of a statement!" he exclaimed pulling it out of my hands. I sighed in defeat, independent woman right here! He winked at me before helping me around the little airport of Port Angeles, carrying both his suitcase and mine. We sat down outside Starbucks with me a frothy coffee because I was a frothy kind of girl and Paul had a deep dark coffee because he was ..... hmm I'm not sure. "So" I said blowing the foam off the top "How are you getting home?" I asked. He shrugged "I have no clue if I'm honest". I put sugar into my coffee, "My dad can give you a lift home since its pretty close to Forks, when he comes to get me. And in his police cruiser, only a dad can inflict the embarrassment I'm going to feel sat in that". He smiled again "What's your dad's name?" he asked "Charlie... Charlie Swan" "Chief Swan is your dad?". I nodded "sweet thanks". A group of lads walked past and I noticed one of their milkshakes didn't have a lid on it. I sighed as what I assumed was going to happen, happened. The lad holding the milkshake was jostled causing the vanilla contents to spill all over Paul's jeans rather than his shirt. I snickered behind my coffee, Paul had a wet patch in a place where a wet patch shouldn't be. What I wasn't expecting was for him to begin to shake and make so many cuss words that even I cringed. I lent forward,as the boys ran off in fear, and placed my hand on his arm. Taking a sneaky feel of his biceps. "Hey calm its just a milkshake, nothing major, no one died". As though my touch soothed him, he stopped shaking and shook his head slowly as he took a deep breath."Okay calm" he said, but his eyes still showed anger and almost like he couldn't control something. Ring Ring I took my IPhone out my pocket. "Hello?" I said happily. "Did you realize that I've been sat outside the airport for 15 minutes now!" I heard a shout. I grimaced. "Sorry dad just been making friends!" 

What friends?

A guy called Paul he lives in La Push. Could you give him a lift home?

Oh I think I know who you mean of course I can!

I ended the call and stood up, collecting my things. "Come on!" I exclaimed before pulling him along with me to the exit, my suitcase almost bouncing.  There was the cop car sat outside. "Oh are you kidding me!" I exclaimed sighing. Paul let out a throaty laugh. "Ha ever since I was little I wanted to go in a police car, for you know good reasons of course...". We opened the car door and a wave of heat smacked us across our faces. I quickly hopped in with Paul pressing against me as the luggage took its own seat. "Paul is it?" my dad asked. Paul nodded "Yes sir and thanks for the lift". Dad smiled "Thought I knew who it was when Natalie told me, no need to call me Sir I'm not on duty call me Charlie". Paul grinned at me. "Thanks Charlie". I lent forward, so my face showed in the window mirror. "Oh hi Natalie haven't seen you for a while how you doing? Thanks I'm good tah" I said sarcastically. "Sorry Nat, still see you have the dry sense of humour". "S'ok dad what do you expect off your favourite daughter?". He took a left onto the Rez. "Favourite huh?" "Course I am dad after all I'm not dating Edward Cullen am I ,thought you didn't like him" "Very funny and don't tell your sister I told you that and I have a surprise for you when you get home!" he said chuckling. "My surprise?" I caught him looking at me through the little mirror. "Well I got Bella a truck so I thought I'd get you something as well". I grinned and looked towards Paul. He was quite cute now when you get past the rock hard muscles and stoic face, you can easily see the cuteness and his dimples as he smiled!

"Charlie it's the next left and its number 8" Paul said suddenly as the radio played You need me but I don't need you by Ed Sheeran. "Sure thing kid". I looked at Paul then carried on looking out the window watching more greenery pass by in a burr.  I heard the car stop and Paul grabbed his suitcase and got out the car. I made the window go down and said "See you around", giving him my signature white toothy smile. "Sure sure wanna meet up one day?" he said. I winked "I'll text you" He smiled, those dimples!, then he walked along the front door of his house and waved before my dad drove away. "Thanks for giving him a lift dad" I said as it started to rain. "It's okay, I see you already have a friend it took Bella at least 2 weeks before she even swapped numbers". "I'm just that good dad"


We pulled up outside the house, Bella was waiting in the porch with a umbrella up. Grabbing my holdall I scrambled out of the car, leaving dad to get my heavy suitcase out, and rushed into her open arms. "Bells!" I said hugging her as the umbrella hit me on the head. "It's so good to see you Nat" she said then she clapped handing the umbrella to me in the process. "Your surprise awaits me lady" she said dragging me into the house. I pulled away from her and took a deep breath closing my eyes. It had the same pine-wood smell as it did since I was little and it all looked the same except for a few pictures of Bella and dad and the Cullen's. Dad walked in then and threw a pair of car keys at me, I caught them and looked down at the badge. A Chevrolet. "Dad?" I said and he grinned at me. "I even got it painted so it looked like the one from those Transformers movies that you didn't stop talking when you were a kid," he shrugged slightly. "It's outside, the neighbour brought it over just now" and with that I rushed outside with my family behind me. There behind Bella's truck was a 1977 Chevrolet Camaro painted yellow with black stripes. "Holy shit, I have a Bumblebee!" I said running over to it and climbing in. I felt a small pang of disappointment when I rubbed my thumb over the middle of the steering wheel. There wasn't an auto-bot symbol there but that was just the child in me upset because my car wasn't a sentient being. "Dad you are the best! God I love you so much right now!" I yelled out the window as I turned the ignition on. I had to take it for a drive. 

"Dad can I go drive around?" I asked, making my brown eyes as large and puppy dog like as possible. He let out a laugh before gesturing to Bella. "Take your sister with you though" he said, "Well get in Bella we've got daylight to burn!" I said sticking my head out the window. She smiled and climbed into passenger seat. She barely had time to put her seatbelt on before I had driven out the drive, the tires squealing underneath. I put my foot down as the engine purred around me, "So did you know about this?" I asked as we mindlessly drove around Forks and La Push, pushing the limit in the less busy areas. "Yeah Rosalie Hale, you know one of the Cullen's, I asked her to fix and paint it" she replied. "I thought Rosalie didn't like you?" I said glancing at her. "Well she doesn't but she likes cars enough for her to do it for me" Bella said, a small frown on her face. "Shall we go see them? I obviously need to thank her for doing it up for me," I said and the frown disappeared from my sisters face, replaced with a smile. "Yeah I can introduce you to all the family and also give you directions to get to the house" a small laugh escaped her as I did an illegal u-turn to get back in the right direction, neither of us noticing we'd left La Push and were heading out to Seattle. 

We drove down the long driveway and I gasped as a large house appeared. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed, my hands tightening on the steering wheel. We climbed out and my hand stroked the paint job of my car. "Stay there Bee," I said to myself not realising Bella heard me until I heard snickers. I turned and looked at her then she burst out laughing. "You've named it after that robot oh my god Natalie," Edward came out then at vampire speed, meaning that he just appeared next to me with the dust billowing upwards behind him. "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" I all but screamed as I jumped when he appeared. My hand pressed against my chest. "Give me a fucking heart attack why don't you!" I managed to get out as he looked at me thinking I didn't know what he was. "Oh emm..." he trailed off and closed his eyes briefly. "Carlisle is going to kill me". Getting over the fright, I stuck my hand out, causing his eyes to open and glance down at me. "Natalie Swan don't worry I know all about you and the family and how much you mean to my sister but" my voice turned dark "hurt her and I'll rearrange your face" "Natalie" Bella whined as her cheeks flushed bright red. "Warning duly noted" he replied let out a bark of laughter. "Hey vamp don't fucking test me," I snapped caused him to sober up slightly.  "You'll get along with Emmett" he said just as massive arms wrapped around me. "I have another sister now? and why will she get along with me Eddie boy". Emmett I guessed asked. He released me and I looked up at him, he was huge, Paul could compete with him. "Let's go meet the rest of the family" Emmett said grasping my wrist then I was pulled at vampire speed into the house.

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