Bad Boy Horan. 2

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Did you miss me?! *Evil Laughter, Evil Smirk, Slams my pitchfork against the ground and watches as my readers flee for their lives* jkjk darn I'm such a terrible gal. Here ya go! Bad Boy Horan. 2!


Olivia's P.O.V

"Olivia! Stay still!" My mom snapped at me, pacing around the room out of shear stress. I let out a sigh, trying my best not to fidget as the two kind and quiet ladies fixed my wedding dress. To think the groom is out there waiting for the bride to appear in front of his eyes is amazing. But when the groom is Niall and the bride is showed to be me, it's a bit nerve-wracking and anxious. I still can't believe I'm getting married.

"Are you ready?" My grandpa had walked in the room, signaling it was time. I closed my eyes and inhaled before exhaling slowly, hoping to calm my nerves. I nodded to my grandpa and opened my eyes, gently linking my arm around his. "I talked to your fiancée," He spoke as we walked out of the room, towards the doors of the church.

"Really?" I slightly smiled at the thought of Niall inside the church, patiently waiting for me to arrive. We barely had enough time for each other the past few weeks. With the girls night and the guys night parties before marriage squeezing between the only time we had for each other. Of course we would both end up cuddled in bed, asleep together. Everyday led up to this most valuable moment.

Two men I had soon recognized to be apart of Niall's family, opened the church doors and I heard the church music ring through my ears.

"He was practically bouncing off the walls," He whispered in my ear as soon as my eyes landed on the crowd of people staring at me. A bright smile lit on my face, my eyes slowly meeting those beautiful eyes I always loved to see every second of my life. "He explained how he wanted this to happen ever since you saved him from a cold gap he was stuck in."

I glanced at my grandpa, my smile growing if it was possible. My grandpa was a famous author and he really had a way with his words. He'd always over exaggerate when I was little and his ways had always confused me.

As we approached the front of the church, I shared Niall a wide smile. As I stood in front of my soon to be husband, he slowly grabbed both my hands.

"We gather here today to celebrate the newly wed, Niall Horan and Olivia Jones," the Priest began the ceremony as our family watched us from their pews. I stared in his deep blue eyes, wondering how I had gotten so lucky.


"Niall, do you take Olivia Jones to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." I smiled at his answer and I could hear Niall's friends quietly hooting and hollering at the back of the church. A silent chuckle slipped from my lips as Colton walked over to us, holding the rings like a ring bear. I picked up the gold ring and easily slipped it on Niall's ring finger. I watched as he slowly slipped the silver ring on my ring finger, gently kissing the top of my hand, spreading a smile on my face again.

"You may now kiss the bride," The Priest announced. As soon as the words left from the Priest, Niall had quickly wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me close before slamming his lips against mine. I heard all of the cheers and the clapping as my lips remained on Niall's. Once we slowly pulled away, my eyes met his again, grinning ear to ear. A whole new beginning with the man I'd call my husband.


"Congrats! When's the baby?" Louis joked, poking my stomach, which caused Niall to smack his hand away.

"Be careful!" He joked, rubbing my stomach as the lads eyes nearly popped out of their head. I raised my eyebrows and shook my head. Louis suddenly knelt down in front of my stomach and began to speak to it.

"Little Horan, I want you to listen to me! As soon as you pop out of her vagina, I'll take you far, far away!" He whispered, pretending Niall and I couldn't hear. Niall smacked Louis and in result, Louis lost his balance and toppled onto Harry and Liam. I let out a loud laugh as I grabbed a hold of Niall's hand.

"Wait, so you aren't pregnant?" Zayn stood there, confused.

"No," I shook my head with a smile. Relief had washed over his face after I had answered his question.

"I don't think I could be able to handle a mini version of you and Niall," He held his hand up to his heart as if to say it nearly gave him a heart attack. I rolled my eyes as we waved to them and walked away to greet other family members. As I started talking to Niall's cousin, Kate, I noticed he had started to become fidgety. I glanced at him once in a while, but he just looked away. After I had finished talking to Kate, I turned to Niall just as he began to talk.

"When does this end? We've all danced, we've all talked. I want our alone time, now!" He quietly exclaimed in frustration. I let a sigh, gently kissing his forehead.

"The party is just about to end! We have our whole honeymoon," I smiled at him.

"Oh, thank God!" He exhaled deeply as everyone soon began to gather outside. We walked out, hand in hand as we thanked everybody for attending our wedding. We climbed into the back of the limo, waving to everyone as the limo drove away. I turned towards Niall who was wildly smiling at me.

"I have an idea of what we should do when we get to the hotel, Mrs. Horan."


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