Love is Exquisite

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Don't tell me love isn't real, I have felt it.

Don't tell me they're words rolling off the tongue, no one could mean them more than myself.

There is so much more than the movie dream of love.

Love is something that holds it lasts, it keeps going when other things don't.

Love is deep it's burning it can't go out not ever.

To have something like love is no common place thing...

Many think they find it only to give up on it...

Others do find it and know nothing can replace it.

Like a rock put through a tumbler it smooths the roughest of us and creates something beautiful.

I know what love is and it's bright and beautiful...

It is the rainbow to the rain, the music for a dance.

Every bit of love turns the darkest world into the brightest.

Don't tell me there's no love I know there is and it is exquisite beyond anything.

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