Chapter 8.

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Suman's POV

Honk. Honk.

My nerves picked up as the familiar sound of my car's horn reached my ears. He is here! He brought my car.

No Sumo, control your senseless emotions. He is not doing this to help you. He needs a car while he is here.

'Like you believe that!' my traitorous sub conscious mind mocked me.

I rolled my eyes at my own inner voice and went about being busy. Or rather pretending to be busy. I was not about to show him I am happy he is here. Why should I? It will just make him smug.

But where is he? I heard the car door slam shut about five minutes back!

I stepped outside my room and saw My uncle reading the newspaper and my Aunty reprimanding Preeti about leaving her room untidy.

A pretty normal scenario in the Tiwari household during mornings. I creased my eyebrows in confusion.

I went towards the main door. Yes there it was! My car parked at it's normal parking place.

"Er Um-"My brain was still trying to form proper words.

"Oh Suman. There you are." Manju Mami exclaimed when she saw me. She came forward towards me and extended her hands to hand me – my car keys!?


"The Malhotra's driver dropped your car here."

Driver?? He sent my car over with a driver? He could not come himself? Why did he take the car keys in the first place if he was so busy!

I smiled at my Aunty, trying to maintain a normal expression on my face.

I flung the car keys angrily on my bed as I entered my room. Shravan Malhotra ! Arrrghhhh I wanted to scream.

I picked up my phone intending to play some songs and shutting out all other thoughts. It started ringing right then and I glanced at the screen half irritated-

Shravan! He is calling me? Maybe he wants to apologise for not coming himself with the car. Probably he wanted to, but something must have come up, I thought, all my anger and disappointment evaporating instantly.

I cleared my throat before answering." Hello." I breathed happily into the receiver.

"Hello. Who is this?" Came Shravan's familiar voice from the other side.

Who is this?? I frowned at the phone.

"I had got a missed call from this number yesterday. Who is this please?"

Uh oh! I had almost called him yesterday before changing my mind and disconnecting!

Now how do I explain this to him? I pushed down the disappointed feeling. He had not really wanted to talk to me, He was just enquiring about the number.

"I- accidently –" I blurted trying to figure out the exact words I should say.

"Sumo? Is that you?"

"Yes- er Hi."

"You had called me yesterday?"

"Actually I had wanted to thank you for the lovely gift, then thought It would be better to thank you face to face." I said quietly.

"You are welcome." Came his soft response, sending my heart into a happy dance.

"Oh Sumo! I actually need a help from you." He continued.

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