Back to the Apartment

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Zendaya' point of view:
I walked into my apartment and sighed. Longest day of my damn life. It's 10:48. My feet are aching from my heels, my hand hurts from sending emails and my ear hurts from Trevor's nagging voice. I swear, my mom bitches less than him.
I took off my heels and left them by the front door. I went into my room and changed into a white t-shirt and black leggings. Then I went to the kitchen and made myself an espresso from the Keurig. I sat on the couch and started drinking it. Then Bella came out her room. She stumbled over to me, holding her head.
Bella- hey.
Zendaya- hey, Bella. Still getting over the hangover?
Bella- yep. I am never drinking ever again.
Zendaya- please. You and I both know that that's not true.
Bella- yeah. Who am I kidding? I'm a drunken mess. So what happened when I was gone?
Zendaya- well, Trevor is planning a party and I have been chose to be his arm candy.
Bella- get outta here! Ow. Hangover. Oh, crap.
She said holding her head. I smirked and drank my coffee. When she was done, she looked back up at me.
Bella- okay, now that I'm not dying, what happened?
Zendaya- he told me that I'm helping him plan the event and I'm gonna be his date and help him look good in front of his colleagues. A hard task, but I can pull it off.
Bella- wait. So he just said you're gonna be his date?
Zendaya- yeah. He said he has a lot of respect for me.
Bella- wow. Trevor being nice? Weird.
Zendaya- tell me about it.
Bella- so have you seen the dress?
Zendaya- nope. I have the fitting next week. Apparently, it's REALLY expensive.
Bella- well, since you're the chick on his arm, you have to be dressed to the nines.
Zendaya- i don't know. This just all seems weird.
Bella- I know, it does. But think about it. You'll be in a room full of rich, handsome men that will flock all over you cause you'll look so hot in that dress.
Zendaya- I guess. You need to go lay down.
Bella- no. I need coffee.
Then she took the mug out my hands and started drinking it. I rolled my eyes and stormed to my room.
Zendaya- I'm dead. I can't do this.
****filler chapter****

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