Chapter 9 - Marcy

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Marcy's POV

I felt like that class would never be over with. All I could think about was needing to get to Jake and Garret and warn them.

When the bell finally sounded and Mrs. Wilson let us leave, I was the first one out of class. The halls were still rather empty, but were filling quickly. Lucky for me Jake and Garret had gotten their lockers on either side of me so I went to my locker to wait, since their classes were on opposite side of the school and there was no hope in catching bother of them, I just hope this vampire chick wasn’t in one of their classes…

Jake and Garret both walked up at the same time, laughing and gave me a funny look.

“You alright Mar, you look like your about to have a panic attack? Did Lexi say something to you again?” Jake asked, growling at the end as Garret rubbed my upper arm to try and calm me down.

“N-no. Lexi didn’t do anything else… but I need to talk to both of you.” I mumbled and glanced around quickly and sniffed to make sure this new girl wasn’t around.

“Okay, shoot.” Garret said with a winning smile. He was trying to calm me down and comfort me.

“Well, I heard a rumor that there’s a new girl in our year.” I looked down at my feet as I spoke.

“So?” Jake asked raising his eyebrows.

“I heard she’s a vam-“I was cut off by Jake’s eyes nearly popping out of his head and Garret gasping at something behind me. I tried to turn around and see what they were looking at, although I had an idea of what it might be from their faces, but Jake grabbed my arm to stop me from looking. I took in a deep breathe, smelling the air. There were lots of smells, many were were’s scents and a few human smells, they smelled like chips or some kind of yummy food usually, and there at the end I caught onto another scent.

It was vile, like lemons and the smell of a rotting body, but it had an undertone of vanilla. I knew this smell; she smelled a lot like the vampire I had killed in the woods a week ago, other than the vanilla. It was weird, that a vampire would smell even slightly good to a werewolf, especially since Jake and Garret and my Mother had always told me I smelled like vanilla and pine, mostly vanilla though.

“Marcy, get behind me.” Garret ordered using his wolf’s voice. I knew he was serious since he used this voice; he only ever used it when he was giving orders or was completely serious.

“No!” I said and struggled to turn around from Jake’s grasp. I didn’t know why, but Jake and Garret’s wolves’ voices never did affect me, most omegas’ wolves would force them to do it.

Finally I broke from their holds and turned around. My eyes scanned over everyone in the hall until they landed on a girl that made me think I was looking in a mirror for a second, with the exception of her dark black hair, which was darker than Jade’s, and her extremely pale skin.

It was her eyes that got me; they were exactly the same as mine. Everything about her was the same except for her complexion, which was reasonable for her considering she is a vampire.

 “I’ll handle her. Garret get Marcy home.” Jake said and started to walk past me just as she looked away, breaking our stare.

“No! No, don’t please. I need to find out more about her, what if she’s part of a coven, then they might all come and attack!” Suddenly I remembered what the little vampire I had killed last week said about ‘they would find me’, tears came to my eyes, fogging them so everything looked off as I thought about it. What if they put a spell on her so she could trick me, and then kill me for revenge?

That’s impossible. My wolf growled, We need to know her, she’s one of us, trust her.

That was idiotic, she isn’t one of us, she isn’t a shifter. But what if that wasn’t what my wolf meant?

Trust me, Marcy, Please. My wolf whimpered in my mind. If she meant this much to my wolf, there had to be more to her.

“Please Jake don’t.” I said putting my hand on his chest to stop him, tears were threatening to over spill from my eyes and I was biting down on my bottom lip hard to keep them from spilling down my cheeks, this was a bad habit of mine.

Jake looked down at me and gave me a sad look, “Mar, you know I have to. I don’t have a choice.”

“Yes you do! She hasn’t done anything to us, please! Please Jake, I would do this for you.”

Jake sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “Why does she mean this much to you? She’s a vampire. Look Marcy, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“My wolf, she says to trust her, please I know there’s more too her than just looks. Just let me try to find out more about her.” I pleaded.

“Fine, but I’m only waiting a month. If you don’t find out why she’s here and why she looks like you in a month, she’ll have me to deal with, got it?”

For some reason, I needed to know her. Everything was confusing now, I don’t know why I felt so attached to a girl, a vampire at that, that happens to look like me? It made no sense, but the thought of her dead made me want to die myself.

I smiled up at Jake and hugged him tight, “Thank you so much Jake, you don’t know what this means to me.”

“Don’t thank me just yet, you’ve got a month remember?”

“Yeah I know.”

The bell sounded, breaking us up and we all went to our next class. 

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