Outrunning Fire

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Hello people!  I was in a really interesting mood when I wrote this, I think it's because of the book I'm reading.  It shows my dark side, that's for sure.  Anyway, vote and comment if you like!


I can feel the fire behind me,

burning the back of my legs

my neck

my back

my heels

screaming at me to run

so I do.

I run like there’s no tomorrow,

because for me there might not be.

The fire grows.

It’s gaining heat and momentum,

it’s catching up to me,

it’s trying to kill me.

Trees fall down around me

and suddenly

I’m engulfed in the flames.


on all sides,

I can’t breathe,

I’m going to die.

I see nothing but changing shades of orange



Life itself seems to be trying to escape the fire

I know it’s trying to get away from me

I can feel it.

My eyes start to water,

blurring everything even more.

I’m already running full speed

but it’s not enough.

The flames have engulfed me,

I’m being consumed,

eaten alive

by fire.

My lungs burn from trying to escape

and failing

but now they burn because fire is in them

I’m burning from the inside.


If I could just get to water.

A stream

there’s a stream back here

but where.

Up ahead I see it

An opportunity at life.

Then I collapse.

My legs gave out.

My lungs can’t move any longer.

My eyes are sealed shut by smoke.

I’m not going to die.

I refuse to die like this.

The water looks so close

but when I try to army crawl towards it

my arms won’t obey me.

They’re burning.

I want to scream

but even if I could

no one would hear me

I’m alone.

The fire is everywhere.

I turn my head to see the sky one last time

before I die

but it’s concealed by smoke

black smoke.


once my favorite color,

but now I think my favorite color

is fire.

It looks so pretty

as it goes in for the kill.

For me.

Pain hits me like a slap in the face

so intense I scream.


attempt to scream,

instead I just see blood


dribble out of my mouth.

It blends in with the fire nicely.

Goodbye fire.

Goodbye red




I’ll miss you.


You killed me remember?



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