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Hidden in the sanctuary of a thick forest, came to rest a dishevelled shack that remained silent for the most part, but it was not empty by any means

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Hidden in the sanctuary of a thick forest, came to rest a dishevelled shack that remained silent for the most part, but it was not empty by any means. Hurrying around in a quiet manner was a man, racing back and forth in the darkness of the place as the curtains were drawn close to keep out any sunlight. There was a feverish stir in the air as he worked, occasionally looking over his shoulder as if he were expecting company at any second.

He was.

Louis Perrot could feel the sense of a storm coming but it was not in the form of weather in the form of a woman. A mad woman, who could not be stopped by any means, no matter what he tried to do. Once, she had appeared as an admirer of his work, but she had quickly fallen into what she believed to be love. But Louis did not see it as such, he saw it as a pure obsession as she could simply not come to terms with the fact that he was long married to his childhood sweetheart and had even come to raise a child to adulthood with his wife. There was zero interest in this stranger that claimed to love him, but it was unfortunate that she didn't take "no" for a suitable answer.

Just as he grabbed an old sheet, he went to cast it over one of his most precious paintings to protect it from the atmosphere it had been suddenly exposed to, taking a moment to press his index finger to his lips with a silent plead. But just as he went to cover the painting, the decomposing front door was nearly blasted off the hinges, startling him. And within a second of his confrontation, the painting was knocked over by the blast, leaving him no choice but to turn around.

With the calmest expression he could muster, Louis faced the crazed woman that had haunted him for so long and damn near ruined the perfect life he had been living. Bernadette Caron stood in the doorway, wand in her hand as the witch's eyes fell upon the painter. She had such a squirrely gaze as her dark eyes darted from left to right as she took one step towards him.

"Did you think you could hide from me here, Louis? Did you think I would not be able to find you? She's here, isn't she?!"

There was a shiver that raced up Louis' spine as he watched Bernadette sniff the air as if she was trying to capture a scent to hunt down. He knew who she was after and if he had done his job correctly, Bernadette would never be able to find her to harm her. He had gone to the sudden extremes to keep his one and only daughter safe, to keep her from meeting the same fate as her mother did by Bernadette's hands.

How much regret filled Louis when he didn't take the woman serious enough when she claimed that she would make his life a living hell before she was arrested. He assumed once she had been dragged away that he and his family could go back to living a normal life, but that wasn't the case at all. Instead, as mad as the woman was, she was highly intelligent and stealthy in her own way, able to escape before being locked away.

By the time that Louis had heard the news of Bernadette's escape from custody, it was too late. He had been away on business and his daughter had been working her own job, only to leave his wife fully exposed to the dangers that Bernadette possessed. She honestly believed that she if she got rid of Louis' family, that he would be free to be with her and love her the way she wanted him to.

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