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I'm being held in the corner, with a knife to my back. Clarke doesn't know it, and I don't want her to. She shouldn't answer their questions if answering them means saving me. I'm not worth it.

Murphy is sitting in the darker corner. They either forgot about him, or know he isn't important to Clarke. I'm guessing it's the latter.

"Let's get started," the Grounder, Anya, says, walking towards Clarke. "Why did you burn our village?"

"What?" Clarke asks, just as confused as I am.

"Two villages, actually," Anya clarifiess. What is she saying?

"What are you talking about?"

"On your first day on the ground, your ship burned down a village. Then, your sky rockets landed on another village. You killed people." The drop ship and the flares.

"We didn't know that. Those were not meant to target you," Clarke says. "I'm so sorry."

"Your sky missiles were not meant to target us?" Anya asks. "Missiles not used to kill. That's a new one."

"They were flares, meant to send a message to our families," Clarke says desperately. "We didn't mean to start anything."

"So capturing one of our best warriors and trying to torture him for information was your attempt not to start anything?" Anya adds, raising her eyebrows.

Lincoln. This is on me.

"That was a... poor decision made based on our belief that you had started this war," Clarke explains calmly. "We had suffered losses on our side by your hands, and we thought it was unprovoked. We let Lincoln go, without any injuries."

"So generous of you," Anya says. "It doesn't make up for the losses we've suffered." She pauses. "We need more information. Tell us about your numbers. Tell us about the others in the sky. Are they coming?"

Clarke doesn't say anything.

"Tell me, Sky Girl, or they're going to start hurting your friend," Anya says.

"Clarke, don't tell them," I tell her, meeting her scared eyes. She has to do what was right.

She still doesn't say anything.

Anya says something to her guards and suddenly the knife pointing ro my back is up against my throat.

Clarke's eyes widen, and she opens her mouth to say something.

"Clarke, don't!" I tell her.

I can practically see her mind running through scenarios, trying to find one where I don't get hurt and where she doesn't have to say anything. There isn't one. She doesn't have a choice.

"The others in the sky-"

"Anya!" We all look above, where there's a Grounder calling to Anya. "There's been another fire, you'll have to question them later!"

"What did you do?" Anya hisses at Clarke.

"We didn't do anything!" Clarke protests, but a rope had already been thrown down to help Anya and her guards up.

"Watch them," she says to one of her guards before closing the door.

"Well, we're screwed," I hear Murphy mutter from the back.

I'm posting this a little late, I'm sorry. This story is probably going to be over kind of soon, but I hope to write other Bellarke stories (and maybe some other ships)! Please vote if you liked this!

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