Sasuke's nudes

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Friday goes by slowly – probably thanks to the fact that I'm dreading detention. Ugh. After school, I make my way to the library. Sasuke is already here, of course. He doesn't bother sparing me a glance as he wheels a cart past me. He's probably still mad at me for what I said last night. The thought makes me wanna chuckle, but I'll hold it in.

"Hi!" I happily greet the librarian.

"Hello, Naruto," she warily greets in return. She's used to seeing me and Sasuke here. It's where we spend most of our detentions, so she should be thankful for the help! "You know what to do," she adds, pointing to a few carts of books.

"Got it," I grin, taking one and wheeling it to the first aisle. We work silently and whenever my path crosses Sasuke's, he turns his back to me. What a riot.

After two hours of circulation, the librarian tells us we can leave. Finally! Time to start enjoying the weekend.

Sasuke rushes out of the room so he doesn't have to face me. I get a few things out of my locker before leaving the school leisurely. In the parking lot, I spot Sasuke's car. He's sitting in the driver's seat talking on his cellphone. Well, it actually looks like he's shouting instead of talking.

I roll my eyes at the sight before continuing to my jeep, but something stops me. I hear Sasuke's car door open. He throws himself out of the vehicle, dropping his phone on the pavement in the process and rushing towards a nearby trash can. He proceeds to vomit into it and I'm wondering whether or not I should see if he's okay. "Hey!" I call, approaching him. His shoulders tremble and he convulses over the trash can before throwing up again. "What the fuck?" I ask. "You good?"

He spits, moving away from the trash can and wiping his mouth on his sleeve in an unceremonious fashion. How unlike him. "Just peachy," he mutters cynically, walking past me.

"Sasuke –" I start, but he cuts me off.

"Fuck off!" he shouts at me, eyes wide and angry. "Seriously, just fuck off!"

I'm not fazed. I follow him back to his car, spotting his iPhone on the pavement. "Well, it's not broken," I tell him, picking it up. What a surprise. iPhones aren't exactly durable. The screen is still lit and I can see his recent call history. He was just on the phone with his mother. Weird. I wonder what she said that got him so riled up. Before I can turn around and hand it back, Sasuke is in his car, tires screeching as he exits the school parking lot. "Huh..." I shrug, staring back down at his phone. I close the recent calls screen and open up his text messages. There's nothing interesting – just one from his mom asking him when he's going to be home... some from Suigetsu, Juugo and then some from a few unknown numbers... including one I recognize as my cousin – Karin. She's obsessed with Sasuke for the same reason as Sakura. It doesn't look like he's responded to any of the girls and the replies to Suigetsu and Juugo are short and curt. Nothing interesting. What a jackass. I decide to look at his photos, but as soon as I open the screen I wish I didn't. "Oh, wow," I murmur to myself as an array of nudes greet me. There he is: on his back with his legs spread... This is more of Sasuke than I ever wanted to see – like the locker room sausage fest wasn't enough. I frown, scrolling down. He's on his stomach, ass cheeks spread for the camera – but that's not what has me frowning. I zoom into the photo and see that there are cuts in his back, the kind that couldn't possibly have been self-inflicted. I can't believe I've never noticed them before. I've had enough chances to take a peek in the school locker room. Then again, I'm one of the guys who tries damn hard not to stare at other naked dudes.

There's a hand on Sasuke's ass in another picture. It clearly belongs to a man. Well... now I know Sasuke is gay! I fucking knew it, I fucking knew it! I could show these to Sakura. I could use this as proof to out him, but I'm not like that. Instead, I close the screen allow the phone to lock itself so I won't be tempted to do something stupid. I don't know his password, so there's no way I can get back into it. I really need to learn to mind my own business. It's weird, though. None of the photos look like they were taken by him – they're all just of him. In some of them he's getting fucked, but you can only see his face. No one else's.

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