Chapter 24

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"So what's the emergency, then?" Brent asked, running a hand through his red hair. He looks so different in this dimension, I thought, everyone does. I sighed.

"Well, let's start out by saying that someone kidnapped Laelyn's brother, Link," I explained. A few eyes widened, but some of them expected something like this. I looked to Laelyn to explain a bit more.

"And... That person is out to kill me and Beckham as well." She paused, probably to let it all sink in before adding, "Oh and um... She's a demon."

"I'm sorry, what?" Daniella asked, eyes widening more than ever. "Demons sound dangerous- my dad used to tell me horror stories about demons, killing innocent people for no apparent reason..."

"Yeah, well you're about to find out that reason. And why Laelyn and I are targets," I said. "There's one demon who rules over all the others, Daeva. Her family decided they wanted to be in charge of all the demons, and all the dimensions."

"Dimensions?" Joshua asked. "As in... Multiple? How is that possible?"

"I don't know, but there are a lot of them. We have only been to Soryx and Earth, and Kalos is the demon realm," I replied. Everyone looked confused.

"Earth? What's that?" Britta wondered. I smacked an open palm against my forehead. How am I supposed to explain all of this to people who don't even know there are multiple dimensions?! I tried to recall everything I had to tell Laelyn before she understood, and it just left me confused. I looked to her again for help, and she laughed.

"Earth is our version of Soryx. That's where Beck and I are from... We're not the Beckham and Laelyn that you guys know- we've been faking it," Laelyn explained. "I'm going to apologize for that right now, but given the circumstances, it's the only thing we could do. So yes... We are from another dimension. And what Beck was saying was that Daeva's family wanted to rule everything in every dimension. So her father created a curse- the Curse of the Portal."

"The curse assured that no one could use a portal to cross over to another dimension- therefore, assuring the demons complete rule over all the dimensions," I continued, "But there was a flaw in her father's spell, and some people across the dimensions were immune to this curse."

"What do you mean, immune?" Brent inquired.

"The immunes aren't affected by the curse at all," Laelyn answered. "So the curse now had a weakness. Which, as you can probably imagine, made Daeva really angry."

"She killed her father, and her family, for being weak." I said. There were a few gasps.

"Who does that?" Britta asked, horrified.

"Demons," I shrugged. "Anyway, she views the immunes as her personal weakness. She sent the demons out across the dimensions to kill every immune they found."

"How can they tell if you're immune?" Cowyn wondered. I took a breath and looked around. Laelyn was looking to me, intrigued. I hadn't told her this yet.

"Well, demons don't have very great eyesight, but if they see an immune head on, the immune's eyes glow a bright green. Immunes have the ability to see this effect as well, but not until they really look for it," I explained. "It's really hard to do, but once you've done it once it comes naturally. I should know," I laughed. "I'm immune." A few people looked confused, some shocked, others indifferent- I'm sure they must have expected this.

"Me too," Laelyn piped in.

"You'd both have to be, I mean, you did come to this dimension after all," Brent acknowledged. Right.

"So what does that mean for us? Why are we here?" Joshua asked, obviously not wanting to be here.

"Well, the immunes soon banded together to become demon hunters, to fight back. My father was one of the best demon hunters on Earth, so Daeva came to Earth herself to challenge him..." I trailed off, not wanting to explain what happened. "And now, Daeva is after me. And Laelyn. We could be the only immunes left- I was the son of a demon hunter so I was protected, and Laelyn is the only immune in her family, that I know of. The demons haven't found us, until Daeva herself found me after she... After she killed my father, I was the only one in the house and she saw my eyes when she left. I became her target, and I dragged Laelyn into it by mistake."

"What does any of that have to do with us?" Isaac asked.

"Daeva came to this dimension for... Something. I don't know exactly what, but it must be bad if she put off our deaths for it."

"Beck and I aren't strong enough to take her on our own. We need help," Laelyn continued, "And we're asking you to help us. Oh, and another thing..." she trailed off, took a deep breath, and said, "She took Link. I know she took him to make sure we would follow her, but I can't let him die..."

"So if you decide to help us, we're probably walking right into a trap, on purpose." I clarified. "It's crazy and it's dangerous, but if no one challenges her, Soryx and Earth will soon be under Daeva's complete control."

"You don't have to help us, this is completely your choice. We know that we're asking you to put your life on the line," Laelyn added, "Beck and I are leaving tonight, along with Alyrica, Mai and Mason." The dropouts walked forward to stand with us, trying to act cool. After hearing the whole story, Mai and Mason were looking a bit nervous. Alyrica hadn't changed, but she seemed like the kind of person who would hide her emotions well, anyways. "So, I guess what we're asking is..." Lyn continued, "Are any of you willing to help us?" 

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