Part 11 Showtime

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I pull out my ear pods and see Peggy in the doorway of my office. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Only a second or so. What are you listening to?"

I take a deep sigh. "Modeus."

"Oh, I like the way you say his name. How was his show?"

I shake my head. "I've been to my share of performances over the years, but this one took the cake. Seriously, it was so packed, you'd think a big headliner was in town, which is crazy to me that no one has signed him yet."

"Did you get him?"

I lean back in my chair and smile. "What do you think?"

Peggy walks through the door and shuts it behind her. "Freddy's going to shit!"

The mere mention of Freddy's name causes my stomach to flutter. I sit up and clear my throat. "He's probably still pissed about the meeting?"

"Oh, slightly," Peggy says. "I've never seen anyone do that to him before—not in a meeting like that. He was furious when you left."

"Yeah, I imagine he was. I purposely didn't look back."

"Lucky you because I felt the wrath all afternoon. Peggy, get me this. Peggy get me that. What's that on the floor? I mean Jesus Christ all he did was snap at me the rest of the day."

"Ouch. Sorry about that."

"Whatever. It's all good. Richard and Simon gave you their full support and you can't argue that. So, when's the showcase?"


Peggy grins. "Right in the middle of the week so the decision can be made before the weekend. Smart."

"This is all so scary you know? I still can't believe it's happening."

"Brenda, this is your time. I can feel it. You just have to seize it."

"I miss him."

Peggy takes a deep breath. "He didn't treat you, right girl. I'm proud of you for stopping it."

I look away almost embarrassed to speak about this with her.

"It's okay," Peggy says. "We don't have to go there. So where's Modeus doing his thing? Where did the building decide would be the best place to put him?"

I turn back to her with a devious smile. "In the lower levels with the dead sounding hallways."

She nods with approval. "That should contain the excitement. You know how those attorneys love to complain about the smallest noise."

We both start laughing.

"Brenda?" Freddy's voice beckons from my speakerphone.

Peggy and I instantly quiet.

"Can you come to my office please?" Freddy asks.

I stare at Peggy with wide eyes almost afraid to speak. "Okay."

"And is Peggy down there with you?"

"Yes, she is."

"Peggy, I need a contract picked up from Brad on the ninth. Can you get it right away? He's waiting."

"Of course," Peggy says.

The speakerphone clicks off.

Peggy and I take a breath.

"What the hell?" Peggy asks. "Does he have a honing device on us or what?"

"This is nerve-wracking, to say the least, but it's time I face this."

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