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Hermione was at home looking through old photo albums. There were pictures of Avril when she was barely born. Draco looked so proud that day, the look on his face as he looked down at his daughter was priceless. Then there was one of Hermione Draco and Avril, it held the best memories. Hermione wiped her thumb across the picture as she smiled. She missed being pregnant. Hermione dropped her hands to her flat stomach. She wanted another baby so bad but she didn't want to be raising a child while Draco was away at work alot of the time.

Hermione closed the book and rose to her feet to place it back on the shelf with the others. Just as she pushed it back on the shelf the phone rang. Hermione and Draco's home had many things from the muggle world, a phone being one of them. Hermione walked across the room and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Mrs. Malfoy speaking" Hermione spoke formally.

"Yes Mrs. Malfoy this is Laela from London Bridge Elementary and I am calling on behalf of your daughter Livelex.-"

Hermione's voice caught in her throat. Why where they calling? Was Livelex okay? What happened? Those questions ran through her mind at an impossible speed.

"- We don't know how it happened but your daughter is on top of the roof."

Hermione nearly dropped the phone.

"Did you get her down?" Hermione gasped.

"Unfortunately no not yet. You see she is on the fifth story on a ledge."

"She is what!" Hermione shrieked.

"Mrs. I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to get her down safely. The rescue squad is on their way."

"You Best Your Arse You Will Do Everything!" Hermione said. Before she hung up Hermione said a few chosen swear words.

Hermione ran to the table by the door and grabbed her purse and car keys before she headed out. One her way to the school she called Draco from work and let him know what had happened. Pulling up outside of the school Hermione quickly shut off the car and ran towards the building which had several people standing around it. Many of them whispered to one another while others pointed.

Hermione ran up to the principal while she kept her eyes on her daughter who seemed to be frozen like a statue.

"How did she get up there?" Hermione growled.

She couldn't believe that these people were so irrisponsible they allowed a 5 year old girl out of their sight long enough to get up five stories. The staff tried their best to be kind and gentle to Hermione only because she was a Malfoy and the Malfoys were Elite members of the society. They had donated alot of money to the school to keep it at its best as well as funded alot of programs with the city.

"We have no idea, her teacher said that she was right behind her and she had turned away for a mere second and when she looked back she was gone. It was like she just disappeared. Then she looked up when she heard a noise and saw her up there." The principle replied quickly.

Magic? Hermione thought. That made her a bit happy inside but it didn't remove the worry and fear that swelled in her stomach. This feeling only a mother could experience.

"Where is she?" Draco called out breathlessly as he came up behind Hermione.

Hermione pointed up to the top of the building and Draco nearly collapsed in disbelief.

"Why isn't anyone getting her down? Get My Daughter Down."

The principle moved forward. "We called the rescue team but they are stuck in traffic."

Without another word Draco headed into the building and began running up the flights of stairs to the fifth story. If they weren't going to do anything he would. Draco came out to the fifth story landing and looked around. A window to his left would get him to the ledge he needed to get to. Looking around the floor he took out his wand and flicked it at the window which opened. Walking over Draco stuck his head out and saw his daughter who was clinging to the statue for her life.

"Love, Liv look over here look at daddy." Draco smiled as his daughter turned her head at the sound of his voice. "That's my girl, look see daddy is here."

"Daddy, I'm scared I'm high up."

"I know I know baby girl. Daddy is going to get you down just don't let go." Livelex nodded her head. Draco then looked down at the ledge and saw that it was only about 10 inches wide. This would make a bit of a complication since Draco had big feet. Draco turned his head up and saw another ledge that he could hold onto as he moved towards his daughter. Without a second through Draco slipped out of the window and found his grip with his hands and feet.

"Draco!" Hermione called out as she saw her husband on the ledge snaking towards their daughter.

"I'm fine Hermione" Draco said in a strong voice without breaking his concentration. After 5 minutes of scooting along the ledge Draco was within touching distance of his daughter. "Come here baby girl, reach out to me." Draco said calmly.

Livelex looked at her father and shook her head. "I can't do it, I'm scared."

Draco took a light breath. "Livelex Fayette Malfoy you are a strong beautiful young girl. Just like your mother and your big sister Avril you can over come anything you put your mind to." Draco watched his daughter with great interest. "You can do it daddy knows you can."

Livelex looked at her father before she nodded her head slightly. Slowly Livelex reached out her hand towards her father. Draco found a steady grip so he could reach out to his daughter and take her hand. He brought her to his side and carefully they began scooting towards the window. Draco helped Livelex through the window before he followed in after her.

When Draco was back inside he pulled his daughter into his arms and began heading back down the stairs. The moment he stepped outside the doors Hermione ran forward and pulled them into a hug. Everyone around them exploded into whistles and applaud.

"Oh thank goodness you two are alright." Hermione replied. Hermione turned to look at her son Scorpius who was beside her. "Lets go home" She chimed.

Without a second of hesitation the Malfoy family headed to their cars. Livelex rode in her fathers car and Scorpius rode with his mother. On the way home Draco eyed his daughter carefully.

"Do you know how you got up there on the ledge?" he asked her.

"I was looking at the statue while I was in line and wanted to get a closer look. I disappeared and then I was by the statue."

Draco gasped as he realized what this meant. His daughter had accidently but successfully apparated. That meant she had magical blood, that meant she was a witch.

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