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Okay, so I would like to begin by expressing my immense gratitude toward everyone who took time to read, vote, and/or comment on Beautiful Oblivion. Never in a million years did I think a short story that I wrote in less than two days would be so well received. 

This story though written for Target's Once Upon A Now contest ending up being something more. Not only did I draw inspiration from close friends and family but my favorite TV show. Did any of you notice? Glenn, Noah, and Carol are all characters from what show? Yep, The Walking Dead. 

On to what you really want to know. I have many people ask will there be a sequel, a spin off, or how does it all end for Noah. Though I had no plans on this story being anything more than a short story, over time I have found myself not being able to get Noah out of my head. With that being said there is currently no plans for a sequel or spin off, but I am planning on turning Beautiful Oblivion in to a full length novel. 

It will give you more of Noah, before Glenn, and before cancer. I have not yet decided if it will continue on after Glenn's death but very well may. Unfortunately, though I have already began to write this longer version, I will be unable to begin posting it until February of 2017, since Beautiful Oblivion is being Featured in Short Stories.

If you have any questions, comments, or things you would like included in the full length novel feel free to put them in comments below. Again thank you all for your amazing support and have a beautiful day!

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